Why you need to backup your website

Backups are one of the most important maintenance features you can manage. If you aren’t already making regular backups you really need to start immediately. Being vigilant about your data safety is the only way to prevent the unforeseeable Continue reading “Why you need to backup your website” »

Simple IFTTT Recipes For Everyday Use

If This Then That is a way in which you can automate various tasks and activities across various platforms and systems. Below are some very simple “recipes” that might inspire you to make something new or to automate some of your daily tasks. Continue reading “Simple IFTTT Recipes For Everyday Use” »

5 Reasons Your Web Hosting Provider Will Affect Your Online Success.

If your online presence matters to you or your businesses success then your decision to choose a host is a lot more important than you may have thought. Hosting providers can vary greatly in their quality and their services offered. Continue reading “5 Reasons Your Web Hosting Provider Will Affect Your Online Success.” »

3 Simple Raspberry Pi Projects for Learning About IOT.

The Raspberry Pi has become one of the most used platforms for building and experimenting with new ideas and learning new technologies. It is the essential go-to for engineers and students alike. Today we are going to go over a few introductory projects chosen for people interested in learning about the IOT. Continue reading “3 Simple Raspberry Pi Projects for Learning About IOT.” »

What is JSON? What is it used for? A simple introduction.

JSON is an abbreviation for “JavaScript Object Notation”. It is a way to represent data using text and although it is derived from JavaScript it is supported by most of the major languages. Continue reading “What is JSON? What is it used for? A simple introduction.” »

What is ASP.NET Core?

ASP.NET Core is a framework for building cloud based applications. It is open source, and cross platform. You can use it to build web applications and IoT apps as well as backends. You can use any of your favorite developer tools for Windows, Mac OS or Linux to deploy to either the cloud or on-premises. Continue reading “What is ASP.NET Core?” »

An idiots guide to cloud computing.

Not quite sure what cloud computing really means? Maybe you have a vague idea but want a little more information. This article is your opportunity to get caught up on the subject by simply starting at the beginning. Continue reading “An idiots guide to cloud computing.” »