Services, Network & Power Uptime Guarantee (SLA)

ASPnix promises to provide all our clients 100% up-time availability of our services, networking and power in all our data centers. We exclude from the guarantee:

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Issues outside of our network
  • Interruptions or failure of individual client services/accounts caused by the client’s: employees/customers, configuration errors, 3rd party software errors, client abuse or excessive utilization of resources
  • Malicious activities such as Denial of Services attack
  • Downtime or outages are measured as the total length of time of the unplanned interruption in service availability in a calendar month.
  • Hardware failures (replacement guaranteed within 48 hours)

All non-scheduled downtime or outages are tracked via our Social Media sites:

Scheduled Maintenance

ASPnix performs scheduled maintenance usually over the weekends when the traffic on our servers is minimal to make sure you get the quality service. The purpose of this scheduled maintenance is to upgrade network and hardware performance or replacing equipment with new ones. Before a scheduled maintenance, an advanced notice published on ASPnix Social Media sites to inform you of this and our servers may experience downtime during the maintenance process.

Uptime Guarantee Failure Credit

ASPnix servers experience little to no downtime. Only exception is Scheduled Maintenance which usually takes place over weekends. ASPnix is willing to credit its customers 5% of the monthly fee of their subscribed service for each hour of network or server downtime. It can only go up to 100% of the total monthly fee. Network or Server downtime is measured from the time the service becomes entirely unavailable until it is made available again.

NOTE: Server Up-time Guarantee does not apply for Scheduled Maintenance hours. clients will be notified via social media sites (Forums, Twitter, Facebook) before the Schedule Maintenance takes place. It also does not apply for our dedicated server clients. All dedicated server clients are still covered by our 100% Network and Power Up-time SLA Guarantee.