We are always glad to help our customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our servers are working hard all days and nights long, why shouldn’t we?

For Sales Inquiries, custom plans or promotion requests please email us at sales@aspnix.com.

Before submitting a Support Ticket please research the following Customer Resources:

If you are experiencing a website, mail server or SQL server outage, most likely we are already aware of this and working hard to resolve the problem. Please check our System Status page to confirm if it’s a server-wide issue.

If you see that all servers are online and your Website is still unavailable, please check our Billing Portal to make sure all Invoices are paid. Our customers are able to submit a support ticket even if their email is down. We ask to please include the following details in each support ticket to better and more efficiently assist our customers:

  • Your billing email
  • Full URL to website that has a problem (if related to a website)
  • Copy and paste any error codes you have received
  • Please take the time to include all the information necessary when contacting us so that we can help you in a timely manner

We prefer that all payments are made online in our Billing Portal, but if you absolutely have to mail us a bank check please make it payable to ASPnix, LLC and send it to:

ASPnix Web Hosting
1550 Larimer St #513
Denver, CO 80202, USA

99% of all issues are easier and faster resolved via support tickets, but in case of emergencies or for sales questions please call us at +1 303-552-0227. Fax number is +1 303-339-0338.

Please always remember that when you joined our friendly web hosting services you have agreed to our Terms of Service.