At ASPnix, you’re family. And we know how to treat our family. Our dedication to our customers means they are our priority, giving you the latest technological advancements, a 24/7 customer service network, and community forums to discuss technology, feedback, and general conversation. We care what you have to say and want to hear it. Welcome to the family.

Since our inception, we have constantly introduced newer, better technologies that have better served the needs of our clients. And we have no intentions of slowing down. Our tech guys are constantly defining bleeding-edge IT, and you get all the benefits. Come watch your business evolve alongside of our technology.

Windows Server hosting, email hosting, virtual and dedicated servers alike, TeamSpeak, WHMCS Modules… and that’s not the half of it. We have the largest feature list on the market, all available to help your business thrive. Whatever your information technology needs, you’ll find them fulfilled and more at ASPnix.

At ASPnix, we always aim to provide higher service, never higher prices. Our packages are designed and based upon client feedback and market research, keeping our services relevant and our prices competitive. You only pay for the services you need. Guaranteed.

You’re not just paying for services, but peace of mind. With high uptime percentage, 24/7 customer service support, and customizable services, you’re never more than a click or call away from getting the help you need. You can even email us even if your servers are down. How’s that for dependable?

No need let your work suffer due to sluggish, unreliable networks. With a partnership with Level3 Communications, the most advanced network company in the world, ASPnix gives you the speed, connection, and reliability you need to get your work done effectively. There’s a reason our network speed and quality is rated #1 by our clients.