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Information about ASPnix's referral / affiliates program. Including media information, payouts, terms and conditions and more.

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Questions and answers about the ASPnix billing system, payment options, fees, account, and other billing related articles.

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Latest KB Articles

How do I use the fraud protection included with my Braintree merchant account?

For more information on how the fraud protection through Braintree works and how to enable it within your account, please review their support article here – To enable fraud protection in our module, please follow the steps below… From the … Continue reading


How does ASPnix store my credit card information? Is my credit card information safe?

Many customers have asked about how their credit card details are handled and stored, with all the recent exploits and security breaches in 2014 / 2015 we feel we should let our customers in on our operations and security. When a … Continue reading


What is the “Callback Secret” option used for? Where do I find the value for this?

The “Callback Secret” parameter is used to prevent bogus or fake callbacks to your payment gateway callback handler. The parameter should not be given to anyone as this is a “secret”. The value of this parameter can be anything you … Continue reading


“Error creating the Bitcoin payment button” – Common issues and solutions

The primary cause of the error is that your Coinbase Merchant profile has not been setup or completed. Please update and complete your Merchant profile here To get the error being generated by the Coinbase gateway, please view the WHMCS … Continue reading


Pushover Client for Windows changelog & release details

Version 1.1.7 – Released 10.14.2014 1 Initial Release


What are the requirements for the Pushover Client for Windows?

The requirements are listed below. The module may work under different conditions, but has only been tested by our developers in these scenarios. Requirements in red are a must and are required for the application to work properly. Microsoft .Net … Continue reading


How do I setup the “Refresh Token” cron job?

The “Refresh Token” helper is a file that needs to be executed by a cron job or scheduled task at regular intervals to make sure that your WHMCS Dwolla OAuth tokens remain valid. Without this your OAuth tokens will expire … Continue reading


Are multiple currencies supported by the Braintree Payment Gateway module?

Yes, our module fully supports multiple currencies through multiple Braintree merchant accounts. In order to use multiple currencies you will need to contact Braintree to get more information on having multiple merchant accounts. For example if you wanted to accept … Continue reading


Does my WHMCS installation have to be PCI complaint to use the Braintree Payment Gateway module?

Yes. Per their (Braintree) requirements, you must be PCI compliant. If you are not PCI complaint will not be able to accept and store credit card payments. Our module uses direct server-to-server communications to send client credit card details to … Continue reading


How do I install the Braintree Payment Gateway for WHMCS?

Below are the steps required to install and activate the Braintree Payment Gateway module for WHMCS… Download the latest build of the Coinbase module and our licensing system at the links below… (Braintree Module) (Licensing System) Extract and upload the files … Continue reading