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Information about ASPnix's referral / affiliates program. Including media information, payouts, terms and conditions and more.

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Answers to commonly asked questions for ASPnix's software & WHMCS addons and gateways.

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Questions and answers about the ASPnix billing system, payment options, fees, account, and other billing related articles.

Clan Pay Clan Pay

Questions and answers about the ASPnix Clan Pay system.

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Information about ASPnix's DNS Hosting services

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Information about ASPnix's Hosted email services, packages, servers and more.

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Information about ASPnix’s Linux (cPanel) Web Hosting services.

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Answers to the most common sales questions about ASPnix's Hosting services, plans, servers, limits and more.

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Information about ASPnix's VoIP services, including Teamspeak 3.

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Information about ASPnix's VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting solutions.

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Information and help related to ASPnix's VPN Hosting services

Windows Cloud Hosting Windows Cloud Hosting

Information about ASPnix's Windows Web Hosting services.

Latest KB Articles

Does the Braintree Payment Gateway support tokenized storage or remote storage?

No, our module is a direct server-to-server module that relies on storing the customer’s card details within your WHMCS database to process card payments. The card details are stored securely using the WHMCS encryption system. For more information about how … Continue reading

Are ASPnix server times synchronized at all?

This is a question we get asked regularly and the answer is yes they are! Over the years we’ve heard from many sales calls, chats and tickets about how many other providers have servers with times that are either many … Continue reading

Can you change the server timezone to a specific timezone?

We cannot change our server timezones. Your application would be responsible for formatting and displaying dates and times in the timezone of your choice or UTC. Most applications store dates and times as UTC and then display them in the … Continue reading

After uploading a module, I receive a corrupted file message. Why?

The main cause of this is due to the installed ionCube loader being too old and not recognizing the encoded script. Please check with your hosting provider to see what version of ionCube is installed. You can also view this … Continue reading

What are the differences between FTP Implicit and Explicit modes?

The difference between these 2 modes comes down to how the connection is established from your client to the server and what commands are issued. Implicit Assumes that the server is expecting everything to be encrypted and using SSL. When … Continue reading

How long does it take to verify a crypto payment?

Typically, most payments are verified in under 10 minutes. However, we have seen payments take as long as an hour to complete verification.  If it has been more than 24 hours and your payment has not completed, please contact our … Continue reading

Allow Let’s Encrypt automatic renewal when redirecting HTTP to HTTPS

Let’s Encrypt requires HTTP (port 80) to issue and renew certificates, however, if you have a HTTP to HTTPS redirect or rewrite rule in place, this will cause issuing or renewals to fail. We have the following recommendations for IIS … Continue reading

How to force redirect HTTP to HTTPS

Forcing or redirecting your visitors to https automatically is the best way to make sure that your website can only accessed through SSL and that all traffic to and from your website is secured. We recommend that all customers who … Continue reading

What are the default SmarterMail auto-clean folder rules?

Users can fully customize their own auto-clean rules for folders to keep email folders clutter free and easier to manage by automatically processing older mail. Currently, 2 default rules apply to all email accounts… Junk E-Mail – 30 Days Deleted … Continue reading

Tutorial: Launch a new website in seconds. No fuss. No hassle. Clear Prices.

If you have ever gone through the awful process of signing up for one web host or another you are probably familiar with all of the sneaky ways in which most hosting companies try and nickel and dime you. Throwing … Continue reading