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Information about ASPnix's referral / affiliates program. Including media information, payouts, terms and conditions and more.

Applications & WHMCS Modules Applications & WHMCS Modules

Answers to commonly asked questions for ASPnix's software & WHMCS addons and gateways.

Billing & Account Billing & Account

Questions and answers about the ASPnix billing system, payment options, fees, account, and other billing related articles.

Clan Pay Clan Pay

Questions and answers about the ASPnix Clan Pay system.

DNS Hosting DNS Hosting

Information about ASPnix's DNS Hosting services

Hosted Email Hosted Email

Information about ASPnix's Hosted email services, packages, servers and more.

Sales Sales

Answers to the most common sales questions about ASPnix's Hosting services, plans, servers, limits and more.

TeamSpeak TeamSpeak

Information about ASPnix's VoIP services, including Teamspeak 3.

Virtual Cloud Servers Virtual Cloud Servers

Information about ASPnix's VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting solutions.

VPN Hosting VPN Hosting

Information and help related to ASPnix's VPN Hosting services

Windows Cloud Hosting Windows Cloud Hosting

Information about ASPnix's Windows Web Hosting services.

Latest KB Articles

How to force HTTPS using .htaccess (Helicon Ape) or IIS URL Rewrite (web.config)

Forcing or redirecting your visitors to https automatically is the best way to make sure that your website can only accessed through SSL and that all traffic to and from your website is secured. We recommend that all customers who … Continue reading

What are the default SmarterMail auto-clean folder rules?

Users can fully customize their own auto-clean rules for folders to keep email folders clutter free and easier to manage by automatically processing older mail. Currently, 2 default rules apply to all email accounts… Junk E-Mail – 30 Days Deleted … Continue reading

Tutorial: Launch a new website in seconds. No fuss. No hassle. Clear Prices.

If you have ever gone through the awful process of signing up for one web host or another you are probably familiar with all of the sneaky ways in which most hosting companies try and nickel and dime you. Throwing … Continue reading

How do I override the fee calculation for the Braintree module?

By default, our Braintree Credit/Debit processing gateway module uses their standard rate of 2.9% + $0.30. If your merchant account uses these rates, you do not need to override the fee calculations. Create a file called fee.php and place in … Continue reading

How do I install the ACH Gateway for WHMCS?

Below are the steps required to install and activate the ACH Payment Gateway module for WHMCS… Download the latest build of the ACH Payment Gateway module and our licensing system Extract and upload the files to your WHMCS web root … Continue reading

ACH Payment Gateway Module changelog & release details

Version 1.0.5 – Released 02.12.2018 1 2 Updated the Braintree core libraries to the latest build Updated Braintree JS references to the latest buildsUpdated the Braintree core libraries to the latest build Updated Braintree JS references to the latest builds … Continue reading

What are the requirements for the ACH Payment Gateway module?

The requirements are listed below. The module may work under different conditions, but has only been tested by our developers in these scenarios. This article assumes that your system, server and PHP installation meets the requirements of WHMCS itself. Their … Continue reading

Why do I not receive any “Allow Notifications” prompts or requests?

If you are logged in as a WHMCS administrator and viewing a client’s account (using the “Login as Client” option) or have manually logged into a client’s account while also being logged in as a WHMCS administrator, you will not … Continue reading

What files does the Windows Control Panel AV scanner check?

The scanner will check all files with the exception of compressed archives (such as .zip files) and IIS log (*.log) files in order to save scanner time and resources.

How long will the Windows Control Panel AV scanner take?

The time required to complete the scanning of your hosting space root will depend on the number of files within your hosting space root. The more files, the longer the process will take. On average in our testing, we found … Continue reading