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Affiliate Program Affiliate Program

Information about ASPnix's referral / affiliates program. Including media information, payouts, terms and conditions and more.

Billing & Account Billing & Account

Questions and answers about the ASPnix billing system, payment options, fees, account, and other billing related articles.

Clan Pay Clan Pay

Questions and answers about the ASPnix Clan Pay system.

DNS Hosting DNS Hosting

Information about ASPnix's DNS Hosting services

Hosted Email Hosted Email

Information about ASPnix's Hosted email services, packages, servers and more.

Sales Sales

Answers to the most common sales questions about ASPnix's Hosting services, plans, servers, limits and more.

TeamSpeak TeamSpeak

Information about ASPnix's VoIP services, including Teamspeak 3.

Virtual Cloud Servers Virtual Cloud Servers

Information about ASPnix's VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting solutions.

Windows Applications & WHMCS Modules Windows Applications & WHMCS Modules

Answers to commonly asked questions for ASPnix's software & WHMCS module products

WHMCS Administrator Widgets WHMCS Administrator Widgets

Answers to commonly asked questions for our WHMCS Administrator Widgets

Windows Cloud Hosting Windows Cloud Hosting

Information about ASPnix's Windows Web Hosting services.

Latest KB Articles

SmarterMail 16 minimum browser requirements

SmarterMail v16 has a brand new web interface that uses the latest in web technologies, as a result needs a browser that is capable of understanding and using these technologies to have a great user experience. Google Chrome 30+ Mozilla … Continue reading

WHMCS Administrator Widget Modules changelog & release details

The changelogs for our WHMCS Widget modules is not published since there is not much that will change with them and we do not predict many releases after the initial v1.0.0 release.

What are the requirements for the WHMCS Administrator Widget modules?

The requirements are listed below. The module may work under different conditions, but has only been tested by our developers in these scenarios. System Requirements Working knowledge of WHMCS, installing and configuring addons, gateways etc. PHP 5.6 or higher for … Continue reading

What are the licensing terms for the WHMCS Administrator Widget modules?

This product is licensed as a one-time purchase for the current WHMCS major release version (WHMCS 7). The license is valid for use on one WHMCS installation only. If you move your WHMCS installation to a new IP address, change … Continue reading

ASPnix Hours of Operation

Below are the hours and days of operation for all of ASPnix’s products and service sales and support departments. Shared Hosting, VPS & Dedicated Servers, Email Hosting and TeamSpeak These support departments are available 24 hours a day, 7 days … Continue reading

What do error code(s) 81703 and 91577 mean? How do I fix these errors?

ERROR_1 => Code: 91577 Message: Merchant account does not support payment instrument. ERROR_2 => Code: 81703 Message: Credit card type is not accepted by this merchant account. Seeing an error similar to the ones shown above means that your WHMCS … Continue reading

Coinbase error – “invalid signature”

Coinbase Gateway Error – Response: invalid signature This error means that the API keys in the WHMCS gateway settings for the Coinbase module are not valid or are not generated for Coinbase’s updated API (v2). Please regenerate the keys making … Continue reading

Is PHP opcache supported?

Yes. The new Zend Opcache PHP extension is supported under both 7.0 and 7.1 releases. 5.x releases do not support that Zend Opcache extension at this time. In order to make use of opcache your site and application will need … Continue reading

Coinbase error – “You have not filled out your merchant profile. Please enter your information in the Profile section”

Coinbase Gateway Error – Response: You have not filled out your merchant profile. Please enter your information in the Profile section. This error has 2 known causes… You have not filled out our completed your Coinbase Merchant profile, Login and complete … Continue reading

Coinbase error – “request timestamp expired”

Coinbase Gateway Error – Response: request timestamp expired This error means that your server’s time is incorrect. Please contact your hosting provider or server administrator to correctly set the server’s time.