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  • Google Auth Security Module changelog & release details

    No comments February 29th, 2016

    Version 1.0.6 – Released 10.22.2017

    Improved the look-n-feel of the token verification screen
    Token input field now only accepts numeric values

    Version 1.0.5 – Released 10.10.2017

    Added better language support
    Code improvements for modern PHP versions
    Resolved a timing issue that could result in a valid token being treated as invalid

    Version 1.0.1 – Released 07.10.2017

    Updated to work with the new ASPnix 2.0 licensing system

    Version 1.0.0 – Released 01.01.2016

    Initial Release
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  • What are the requirements for the Google Auth security module?

    No comments February 29th, 2016

    The requirements are listed below. The module may work under different conditions, but has only been tested by our developers in these scenarios. This article assumes that your system, server and PHP installation meets the requirements of WHMCS itself. Their requirements can be found here

    System Requirements

    • Clear understanding of using WHMCS as well as uploading, installing and configuring addons and gateways
    • PHP 5.6 or higher
    • WHMCS 7.x (we do not support alpha, beta or release candidate builds)
    • OpenSSL (or any SSL library) w/ TLS 1.1+ support
    • Ioncube loader v10.1.x or higher

    PHP Extension Requirements

    • cURL w/ TLS 1.1+ support

    Requirements Test Script

    We offer a PHP script that will quickly and easily check your PHP and WHMCS installation for any missing requirements, the tool can be downloaded here –


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  • What are the licensing terms for the Google Auth Security module?

    No comments February 29th, 2016

    This product is licensed as a one-time purchase. The license is valid for use on one WHMCS installation only. If you move your WHMCS installation to a new IP address, change the path of the WHMCS installation or change the domain name that your WHMCS installation is running under your license will need to be re-issued so that it may activate under the new location.

    If you have any questions about the licensing of this product, please contact our sales team!

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  • Blogging Trends in 2016

    No comments February 28th, 2016

    If running a blog is an important part of your company’s customer connection, you are going to want to utilize it to its full potential. As a part of the internet, the blogging platform and popular styles are bound to evolve and adapt at the lightning pace we have come to expect from the internet age. Here are some trends you will want to keep an eye on and likely emulate in 2016.


    While a 200 word article can be useful as a news bite or quick update and has the benefit of being a near guaranteed read for short-attention audiences, blogging is leaning toward longer, meatier pieces, backed up with reliable data. People are looking for substantive articles that show depth and thought. In 2015, the average length of a post was 900 words, which is a good 100 words longer than the previous year’s average. The way to stand out against content-saturated competition is by providing reliable, researched, and in-depth content that, instead of sparking a person’s interest, satisfies their curiosity and answers their questions about the topic.

    Goodbye to comments.

    The comment section can be difficult to manage, time-consuming to moderate, and not a place that readers want to participate in conversations anyway. Signing up for a username/password combination is usually enough of a deterrent to keep all but the most incensed or invested readers from partaking in a conversation. Removing this section moves the conversation to social media instead, where the reader can share the link to Twitter or Facebook and then include their comment.

    Graphic Design

    Pictures are an excellent way of attracting and maintaining interest. Images can simplify information, cut down on words so that the ones you use carry more impact, and transfer an idea in a more memorable method. Tumblr’s purely picture/short text blogging style is sure to be influential and attractive to that younger audience. Infographics, design icons, and pictures that easily can be shared on social networks have already been an important element of blogging and are likely to grow even more popular this year. If you are making an effort to write a longer blog post, adding tasteful and helpful images will break up the intimidating wall of text and give your readers a well-deserved break from time to time.

    Endorsement Section

    In our socially connected world, affirmation and affiliation are important elements for connecting to readers. Showing that other companies or names your reader base might recognize approved of your content will help convince them that your site/content/business is both “in” and reliable.


    An important way of making sure your readers are seeing your content updates regularly is by convincing them to sign up for your newsletter. It is a great way of measuring and building your reader base, as well as making sure that no one falls out of the loop on essential updates or new features. It is a helpful incentive to offer exclusive content and special offers to subscribers.

    Mobile Adaptation

    It is essential that your website be mobile responsive, adapting to a screen size smoothly and quickly. Many people primarily browse content from their cells or other devices. If a website does not provide for this flexibility, mobile viewers will be quick to become frustrated and abandon the attempt to understand your website.

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  • TeamSpeak 3 Voice Server App Updated

    No comments February 27th, 2016

    The TeamSpeak app has been updated for iOS users. Mainly this update focuses on user flexibility, convenience, and a few stability/bug fixes. Take a look at some of the improvements listed below and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have!

    TeamSpeak updates

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  • Shared Hosting Compared to Virtual Personal Server Hosting

    No comments February 25th, 2016

    Virtual personal servers or shared hosting – which one is right for you and your business’s needs?

    Shared hosting does not allow customization, but maintenance cost and responsibility is spread out among the other users you are sharing with.  It is the most common method of hosting, where CPU time, memory, and disk space is shared between all of the users.

    This method will be ideal for users who are looking to save money (such as if your start-up business is on its first legs and has a low beginning capital), if you will have a small employee base (shared hosting limits the amount of emails accounts you can set up), if you are expecting small numbers of daily visitors (around 500 daily), and plans to host only your website and maybe a blog or two.

    Shared hosting offers the advantage of economy.  For less technically savvy users, it is a relief to have maintenance handled by the server.  As your website expands, you are able to add on additional storage space and there are wide possibilities for installing software, virtualized software included.

    Disadvantages can include limited resources, the possibility of having your website’s performance affected by other sites on the server, potential scalability and backup issues, possibilities for security issues, a limited customer support, and having to configure firewalls for various applications.

    The shared hosting that we offer comes with many benefits such as unlimited disk space and data transfer.  Check out our unique and economical plan.

    VPS hosting allows full customization, but comes along with the responsibility of maintenance.  This host is ideal for businesses with secured data and resource-heavy applications.

    VPS hosting will be right for you if you are looking to expand your company, will be using confidential secured data, expect notably increased traffic, intend to add to your employee base (thus needing a greater email capacity), and have plans for hosting multiple websites, blogs, etc.

    There are many advantages in virtual hosting, such as the large amount of space and bandwidth, the freedom to change your subscription, extensive scalability and backup options, the ability to configure as you wish, extensive and dedicated customer support, and customizable firewall configurations.

    Disadvantages include the need for a dedicated system administrator to stay on top of maintenance and updates, the typically higher price, and certain applications can be fussy in a virtualized environment.

    We are able to offer you a very reasonably priced VPS hosting without cutting any corners on the features.  Check out the details.

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  • Optimal Password Security

    No comments February 23rd, 2016

    downloadCreating a strong password is essential for basic website security, whether it is for your email, your bank, or your website’s account. This security step is one of the simplest ones to take toward optimal protection against hackers and viruses. Don’t put it off! Use this list of tips for strong passwords to double-check that your password can stand against a hacking program.

    • Your main strategy should be to create a unique combination of words, numbers, symbols, and upper-case and lower-case letters. This can sound initially unappealing as it will be harder for you to remember, but it will be worth it in how much harder it will be for a hacking program to break through.
    • Stay far away from obvious passwords such as “password,” “admin,” or “user.”
    • Never use your username as part of your password.
    • Adjacent keyboard combinations may seem creative (“qwerty” or “asdf”), but they are used almost as commonly as “password” etc. and are simple to hack.
    • Avoid using details that you assume are confidential, like a birth date, phone number, Social Security number, or anniversary.
    • Ideally, stay away from words found in the dictionary. Password-hacking tools usually come with dictionary lists to run thousands of words and passwords. If you do use a word found in the dictionary, be sure to add a number, symbol, punctuation, and/or capitalized letters.
    • Try using a string of words such as part of the refrain from your favorite song, the title of a book, or a phrase/idiom you find amusing. It will be easier to remember as well as harder to guess.  The longer the password, the better.

    After looking over these tips, understandably your first reaction might be that once you find a strong password, you will immediately forget it, and then what use will it be? Here are a few useful websites that help with just that problem.

    KeePass is an open-source, free, light-weight service for storing usernames, passwords, and other information you might need to remember. It is stored in an encrypted file, which is protected by a master password or a key file. That way you only have to remember one password in order to access all of them. The database is stored on the local file system. The system is primarily designed for Microsoft Windows, but can support other systems through an add on.

    Keychain is a password management system developed by Apple. It is synced via iCloud for iOS and OS X. Also free and open-sourced, it can store passwords, FTP servers, SSH accounts, network shares, wireless networks, groupware applications, private keys, certificates, and security notes. Additionally the service can help you generate unique passwords.

    Password Vault Manager offers storage for passwords, credit card information, bank accounts, and other sensitive information. It is a paid service, but offers a free 30-day trial. The system uses an AES algorithm to keep all your information totally secure.

    LastPass, as well as storing your passwords and sensitive information, offers automatic sign-ins for all of your online accounts from any location or device. You are the only person in possession of the master password, preventing even LastPass from accessing your information. It offers several different levels of security and features so that you can decide if your needs merit a free account, premium, or enterprise level.

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  • Web Analysis Services: SmarterStats vs. Google Analytics

    No comments February 21st, 2016

    An important part of maintaining and optimizing your website involves keeping an eye on your traffic. You need to know what users are looking for when they come to your site, how long they stay, the last page they visit before they leave, and the average amount of time spent on your site. This information is irreplaceably helpful when it comes to highlighting areas that might need improvement or successful page designs you might want to emulate throughout your website. The two most popular services for this analysis are Google Analytics and SmarterStats. The main difference between the two is that Google Analytics is a script-based analyzer, while SmarterStats is a log-based analyzer. What does this mean? We have complied a comparison of facts to help you make the educated and informed decision that will best service your website’s specific needs.

    Features unique to SmarterStats:

    SmarterStats has the advantage of being managed and installed on your own server and can still be used on firewall-protected corporate internet, reassuring you that you are receiving the whole picture of the statistics. It is able to reprocess historical data from log files and locally process or reprocess log files. It reports on spider and bot activity, server errors, and status codes. SmarterStats provides access to raw data for custom report building, uses SEO reports for analyzing search engine ranking, and offers analysis of competitor reports.

    Features unique to Google Analytics:

    Google Analytics is able to collect information through tags and uses its integration with Google AdWords to gather more information. It provides Real Time user data, goal configuration and tracking, and visitor flow report.

    Features shared by SmarterStats and Google Analytics:

    Both analysis services are able to report on paid search campaigns, banner and traditional marketing campaigns, and offer geo-targeted reporting. They analyze visitor session and navigation paths. Additionally both services offer free versions of their programs. The SmarterStats free version limits the use to a single site and one SEO campaign. Google Analytics free version has a limited amount of pageviews it will track. Larger sites with high traffic are required to purchase more of a package.

    When it comes to accuracy, Google Analytics can misrepresent or underreport some statistics. The two services process data at different intervals, with Google Analytics using a 30-minute window while SmarterStats uses a 5-minute. Google Analytics only records data on pages with a tracking code. When it all boils down, SmarterStats is more accurate because it reports every request to the server instead of just what tracking code tags.

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  • Now 100% SSD-Based and Server 2012 R2-Based!

    No comments February 19th, 2016

    ASPnix is proud to announce that we now rely 100% on SSD-based storage for all web and database servers!  As most know, SSD drives provide an extremely high throughput when compared to standard magnetic spinning disks. This allows us to be a greener company as the average power consumption per-drive is about 50% less than the traditional drives. Other benefits include faster RAID rebuild times after a drive failure, more responsive websites, and websites compile faster!

    We are also pleased to announce that all Windows servers are now running Windows Server 2012 R2! The Server 2012 R2 platform has brought improvements in security as well as performance. The combined power of Server 2012 R2 and SSD RAID systems help us provide you with a very high performance web hosting platform!

    We are very excited to share these updates with you.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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  • Benefits of using VPS for the Office

    No comments February 19th, 2016

    Windows VPS works as an “office in the cloud,” with its own operating system, disc space, and bandwidth. It is a middle point between shared hosting and dedicated hosting, useful for sites that are not quite ready for dedicated hosting, but have out-grown shared hosting.  It grants users far more control over their environment than is available with shared hosting. This flexibility allows users to decide which resources are currently necessary and add more as their company or needs grow.  

    Microsoft-Hyper-V-LogoWith a VPS, your virtual desktop will be nearly identical to your actual computer’s desktop. You can choose the applications to upload, such as Word, Excel, and Outlook, accounting programs, or (if the provider offers Virtual Graphic Cards) even Adobe Photoshop and the like.

    ERP or CRM systems can also be installed on VPS. Having these systems available from more than just at the office helps out employees who work from home or travel often, granting them access to all the services that might make their load smoother. Applications that have to run 24/7 can be moved to VPS to ensure the program runs continually, smoothly, and keeps your company doing the same.

    Moving your website to VPS can offer huge performance benefits, particularly for websites hosted on a shared platform or those coded in ASP or .NET. Additionally installing your mail client on VPS is an extra layer of protection and assurance that your resources are only available to your website and email and not shared with anyone else on the shared hosting package.

    Using VPS saves money, as it allows companies to downgrade their computers and run more complex systems from VPS, instead of investing in top-grade computers for every employee in order to run those systems. VPS is also less expensive than a physical server running a full dedicated plan.

    VPS provides reliability and stability. With shared hosting, you run the risk of another website on the same server overloading and affecting your site’s performance. VPS saves your worrying about that, particularly in more professional environments.

    No matter the speed of the remote desktop and server, VPS keeps your internet running at top speeds.

    Check out the options we offer!

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