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  • What are the email limitations / restrictions for ASPnix shared services?

    6 comments February 29th, 2012

    To help preserve the stability and performance of our mail systems and services we have limits in place to prevent abuse, spamming, and over-usage. Please find our mail limits below – these are for both our Windows SmarterMail (shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated servers that use our shared mail servers).

    • 2500 outgoing emails per hour per domain (total of all users)
    • 500 outgoing emails per hour per user
    • 50MB max message size (including message, attachment(s) and MIME encoding)
    • 100 recipients per message
    • 50 bounce emails per hour (total of all users)
    • 1000 connections per hour for all services*
    • If you are sending emails to 100 or more recipients (such as newsletters, marketing emails etc.) you will need to use our email server’s list feature
    • List subscribers that have 3 or more bounces will need to be removed from the list to prevent abuse complaints**

    * If the limit is reached or exceeded, the offending IP address(es) will be blocked for 1 hour.

    ** ASPnix reserves the right to remove subscribers that have 3 or more bounces at anytime without notice.

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  • What are the name (DNS) servers for ASPnix Windows shared hosting servers?

    No comments February 29th, 2012

    If your domain is registered with another domain registrar and you wish for our systems to have full DNS control over your domain, you will need to update your domain’s name servers or DNS servers in order for this to happen. Most users will do this, unless you run your own DNS server or another provider manages your DNS for you, in which case you will be required to update your DNS records to allow us to host your required services properly.

    Below are our primary DNS / name servers for our Windows web hosting systems…

    • –
    • –
    • –
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  • What 3rd party components / software are available on ASPnix shared Windows servers?

    No comments February 29th, 2012
    • Classic ASP
    • .NET Framework v2.0
    • .NET Framework v3.0
    • .NET Framework v3.5 SP1
    • .NET Framework v4.0
    • .NET Framework v4.5
    • .NET Framework v4.5.1
    • .NET Framework v4.5.2
    • .NET Framework v4.6
    • .NET Framework v4.6.1
    • .NET Framework v4.6.2
    • .NET Framework v4.7
    • .NET Core 1.1.2 *NEW
    • ADO.NET
    • ASP.NET AJAX Extensions
    • ASP.NET Integrated / Classic Application Pool Modes
    • ASP.NET Full Trust by Default
    • ASP.NET Mobile Controls
    • 32 / 64-bit Selectable Application Pool Bitness
    • Enterprise Library 4.1 / 5.0
    • Entity Framework 4.1
    • IE Web Controls
    • IIS7 Rewrite Module 2.0
    • SSI (Server Side Includes)
    • MDAC 2.8
    • MSXML 4.0 Parser
    • MSXML 6.0 Parser
    • MVC v1.0
    • MVC v2.0
    • MVC v3.0
    • MVC v4.0
    • MVC v5.0 Compatible
    • MVC v6.0 Compatible
    • Microsoft ASP.Net Web Pages
    • Office Web Components
    • Report Viewer 2005 / 2008 / 2010 / 2012 / 2015
    • SOAP Toolkit 3.0
    • Access Runtime Engine 2007 / 2010 / 2013
    • FoxPro OLE DB Provider
    • Visual C++ 2005 / 2008 / 2010 / 2012 / 2013 / 2015
    • WebSocket Protocol Supported
    • Web API Supported
    • WSE Runtime 3.0
    • WCF RIA Services 1.0
    • Microsoft IIS Remote Management
    • Microsoft Web Deployment

    Open Source

    • CGI-BIN
    • Parent Paths
    • PHP 5.2.x
    • PHP 5.3.x
    • PHP 5.4.x
    • PHP 5.5.x
    • PHP 5.6.x
    • PHP 7.0.x
    • PHP 7.1.x
    • PHP 7.2.x *NEW
    • PHP Phalcon Framework 3.1.x *NEW
    • Available PHP Extensions


    • ASPCrypt
    • ASPEmail
    • ASPgrid
    • ASPJpeg
    • ASPupload


    • ImageEffects
    • ImageGlue (v7.2 and v7.3)
    • ABCocr
    • ABCpdf (v8.1, v9.1 and v10)
    • ABCUpload
    • WordGlue .Net

    Dundas (ASPAlliance)

    • Dundas Mailer
    • Dundas Upload

    /n Software

    • IP*Works! V9 .NET Edition
    • IP*Works! SSL V9 .NET Edition
    • IP*Works! SSH V9 .NET Edition
    • IP*Works! S/MIME V9 .NET Edition
    • IP*Works! Encrypt V9 .NET Edition
    • IP*Works! OpenPGP V9 .NET Edition
    • IP*Works! S/SNMP V9 .NET Edition
    • IP*Works! Zip V9 .NET Edition
    • IP*Works! WS V9 .NET Edition
    • IP*Works! Auth V9 .NET Edition
    • IP*Works! IPC .NET Edition
    • QuickBooks Integrator V6 .NET Edition
    • E-Payment Integrator V6 .NET Edition
    • Direct Payment Integrator V6 .NET Edition
    • PayPal Integrator V5 .NET Edition
    • E-Banking Integrator V4 .NET Edition
    • Shipping Integrator V5 .NET Edition
    • EDI Integrator V9 .NET Edition
    • X12 Integrator V9 .NET Edition
    • ERP (SAP) Integrator V2 .NET Edition
    • EDIFACT Integrator .NET Edition
    • SharePoint Integrator V4 .NET Edition
    • Google Integrator V2 .NET Edition
    • Amazon Integrator V6 .NET Edition
    • Azure Integrator V2 .NET Edition
    • Spreadsheet Integrator .NET Edition
    • 3-D Secure Integrator V6 .NET Edition


    • ASPSmartUpload
    • CharDirector for Classic ASP
    • Helicon APE (Apache .htaccess emulator)
    • Sub Web Applications
    • WAP Support
    • WinHTTP 5.1
    • JMail.Net
    • JMail COM (Classic ASP)
    • FreeSMTP.Net
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  • US Treasury Embargo Restrictions

    No comments February 29th, 2012

    As of December 28th, 2009 these are the countries that we can’t do business with due to embargo restrictions.


    Continue reading “US Treasury Embargo Restrictions” »

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  • My ISP blocks port 25, is there another SMTP port I can use to send mail?

    No comments February 29th, 2012

    Many ISPs block port 25 (and many others are starting to block other “alternate” SMTP ports) as this is the standard port for mail delivery. They block the port for a variety of reasons; the most common reasons are to prevent you from running your own mail server, and to stop computer on their network that are infected with spyware or malware from sending / spreading spam.

    We offer multiple SMTP ports to aid in allow users to send mail through our mail servers.

    • 23 (TLS supported / available)
    • 25 (default port, TLS supported / available)
    • 26 (TLS supported / available)
    • 465 (SSL required)
    • 587 (TLS supported / available)
    • 2025 (TLS supported / available)
    • 2525 (TLS supported / available)
    • 6025 (TLS supported / available)
    • 6465 (SSL required)
    • 8080 (TLS supported / available)

    Why so many? Unfortunately, some ISPs are beginning to block 26, 465, 587 and 2525. So we’ve had to open up additional ports to make sure our customers are not restricted to using the poor quality ISP SMTP servers to deliver mail. We recommend trying 25 first, if that does not work, use 465 (SSL required) or 587 (TLS supported / available) to send mail. If these do not work, try using any of the other ports we have available.

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  • Is ASPnix Safe Harbor certified?

    No comments February 29th, 2012

    Yes, we are Safe Harbor certified. You may view our Safe Harbor certification / details here.

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  • Is a demo available for the Windows control panel?

    2 comments February 29th, 2012

    Yes, a demo of our Windows web hosting control panel system is available for both standard user accounts, reseller user accounts, and VPS accounts. This demo will not allow you to make any changes, but will allow you to see and check all the features available in our control panel for our Windows platform.

    Standard user accounts

    Reseller user accounts

    Virtual Private Server (VPS) accounts

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  • I have just purchased a hosting package, TeamSpeak, VPS or Dedicated server, how long does it take to setup?

    No comments February 29th, 2012

    Most orders are setup as soon as the payment is processed. However some orders do require additional verification and may delay the setup up to 24 – 48 hours. When ordering please make sure that your location matches as closely as possible to your Credit Cards billing address and that all details entered are correct and 100% valid. Entering fake details could delay your order, cause it to be tagged as fraud, or be cancelled.

    Dedicated server orders may be delayed as time is required to install the server and configure it as required by the order.

    If you have any questions please contact our sales department.

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  • How often are server components, operating system updates, application and systems updated?

    No comments February 29th, 2012

    Operating system upgrades are installed based on their severity. Patches / upgrades that fix security issues or address stability concerns are installed as soon as possible to avoid any possible threats. Generalized updates, upgrades, new versions of components and software are installed once we verify they will not negatively affect our users, servers, other applications, other services etc.

    Some updates may not be installed at all or for a long period of time. For instance; just because X software went from v1 to v2, it does not mean we will upgrade to it immediately, especially if this is a website component that many users are accessing and using, upgrading to an all new version could break these web applications.

    If you have any questions about our upgrade cycle please contact our sales department.

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  • Are my websites throttled or limited in any way?

    No comments February 29th, 2012

    We do not throttle or limit your websites bandwidth or traffic as long as it is used according with our Terms of Service. However we do limit the amount of CPU and RAM (memory) resources that your website(s) can utilize.

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