MX01 SmarterMail upgraded (v10.0.4562)

ASPnix is now happy to announce the upgrade of our SmarterMail mail services to the latest version, v10. This new version of SmarterMail includes several new features, performance enhancements and other fixes to further improve your email experience! What is new in v10?

  • Support for Outlook’s Auto-Discovery
  • All new mobile / smartphone web interface
  • Outlook EWS support for Outlook’s Scheduling Assistant
  • Support for Exchange’s Conference Room Scheduling feature
  • Support for remote whipping of ActiveSync devices

We are most excited about the first 2 updates. Support for Outlook’s Auto-Discovery feature means less time users have to spend looking up server settings, checking boxes, typing in server names and other tedious tasks. Simply enter the email address and password and Outlook does the rest!*

The new mobile / smartphone web interface is perfectly optimized for handheld devices! Everything fits nicely on the smaller screens, all background services and files are highly optimized for these smaller devices so that you get a amazing experience on the handheld device too!

As always, thank you for choosing ASPnix as your Windows hosting provider!

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