MX01 Server Offline / Unavailable (Resolved)

We are currently checking the status of the MX01 SmarterMail mail server, the upgrade process previously announced should already have completed within a few minutes, however the server has not came back from the restart issued to the server to complete the updates.

Technicians are checking the server now and we will have a report shortly. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this unexpected event. Updates will be published once any are received.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this outage.

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Microsoft Outlook 2013 Last Minute Changes

Back in October 2011 we were happy to see that SmarterTools was adding support for Exchange Web Services (EWS) for better sync support in Outlook. At the time only Outlook on the Mac supported this technology and Microsoft / SmarterTools had stated that it would be supported in the next major release of Outlook for Windows / PC. Between October 2011 and the Public Preview release of Office 2013 SmarterTools worked very closely with Microsoft polishing all the little details to make sure they had a working EWS solution once Outlook 2013 was released.

Unfortunately when the Public Preview was released it was realized that Microsoft had dropped / dumped support for EWS in Outlook 2013 in favor of the mobile email sync protocol ActiveSync.

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