MX01 Server Offline / Unavailable (Resolved)

We are currently checking the status of the MX01 SmarterMail mail server, the upgrade process previously announced should already have completed within a few minutes, however the server has not came back from the restart issued to the server to complete the updates.

Technicians are checking the server now and we will have a report shortly. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this unexpected event. Updates will be published once any are received.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this outage.

Update (10:55PM MST)

The server appears to have a faulty power supply – it is being replaced.

Update (11:09PM MST)

The faulty power supply has been replaced however the motherboard appears to have been damaged – it is being replaced as well.

Update (11:44PM MST)

Motherboard has been replaced and the server is back online – however now the technicians are diagnosing an issue with the RAID 10 array where the email is physically stored.

Update (12:00AM MST)

Issue with the RAID array has been resolved and the server is booting properly – Server is being reinstalled in the rack and will be brought back online within the next few minutes.

Update (12:44AM MST)

The server has started and the SmarterMail service is starting, however due to a rebuild of the RAID array, the disk I/O is slow and the service is not starting as quickly as normal.

Update (2:20AM MST)

The rebuild / verification process is at 75% and should be completed shortly. Thank you for your understanding.

Update (4:23AM MST)

The server is now back online and functioning as it should. Emails are being delivered from the backup mail systems, however please allow an hour or so for all emails to come in from them.

28 thoughts on “MX01 Server Offline / Unavailable (Resolved)”

  1. Still I can not access my emails till this moment, moreover and from the website of the service status it still show SMTP and POP3 are down

    Any help?


  2. The RAID rebuild / verification status shows about 30 – 40 minutes left before the SmarterMail service can gain full access to the RAID array.

    Thank you for your continued patience during this time.

  3. Is there any other way we can continue recieving our emails . I have clients sreaming at me right now . They are so upset to understand the maginitued of this , one has opted to change the from this service .

    • There is no way unfortunately to receive any incoming emails or send mails. Incoming emails sent from other providers is being caught by our backup mail servers, however those cannot be retrieved until this one is back online.

      The RAID verification completed, however it found a few errors and is fixing them before it does another verification. We are trying to get this to move along as quickly as possible – however there is not much we can do, data can only process as quickly as the application / hardware can go.

      Thank you, and again, our apologies for this. We totally understand the issue at hand and the people being affected by this; we are doing everything we can to get this restored ASAP.

    • Service is now online and running at 100%. Our deepest apologies for this as it was totally unexpected. Was a numerous series of failures that caused this. We are checking into why our motherboards voltage monitoring applications did not alert us to any issues with the PSU and to why the RAID system indicated 0 issues before the server was restarted to complete the initial upgrade.

      Thank you again!

  4. I think this situation is unacceptable. we pay for your service and several downtime hours is something simply unbelievable for a mail server.
    we cannot send or receive any e-mails, and we do our job with e-mails.
    how do you think to refund us?
    don’t you have any redundancy system for something so important as an e-mail server?
    do you think this is a professional behavior?
    I’m astonished ad upset.

  5. We do have 3 backup MX servers, so they continue to receive your emails. Nothing will be lost. We are monitoring this primary server and waiting for the RAID to finish its job. The estimate time keeps jumping up and down, so it’s hard to give the exact time when it will finish. For some reason it’s taking too much I/O load and SmarterMail is not loading fully. I’ll keep you updated.

  6. We have notified ahead of the upcoming maintenance. I’m sorry that it was taking longer than we planned due to finding more issues with the server than planned. I’m glad it all happened at once and the server is nearly fixed. You should get the service back within couple minutes.

  7. server online but I cannot login
    “SmarterMail has a licensing conflict. Contact the system administrator”
    can yo fix this please?

  8. Dear Sir

    Thanks for solving the problem, now the mail is working fine, however, the emails which been sent to us during the downtime period till now we did not received it.
    Could you please confirm that these emails will not be lost and will be delivered soon.

  9. Unfortunately there is no way for us to guarantee delivery. Properly configured mail servers should see that the main mail server is down and deliver to the alternate MX servers listed on your domain. However this also depends on your domain – some customers manage their own DNS and may not have the alternate MX records configured or not configured properly.

    Since the RAID verification is still going the performance of SmarterMail has been degraded as they are both fighting for disk I/O access.

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