MX01 SmarterMail Updated (v10.6.4703)

Mail server MX01 SmarterMail installation has been upgraded to the latest release available. This is a minor release that has no new additional features; however it does fix over 30 issues with the web interface as well as ActiveSync issues with Outlook 2013. Users who reported missing email accounts or not being able to login to their email at all due to SmarterMail not fully loading domains and users – this has been resolved as well.

For an in-depth look at what has changed in the 10.6.4703 release please review the SmarterMail Release Notes page.

Due to the failure of the MX01 motherboard and power supply we took the chance to upgrade the servers CPU as well – MX01 now houses a brand new Intel Xeon X series processor. The upgraded CPU should increase the performance and responsiveness of the SmarterMail system overall. Along with the new CPU we have also done some housekeeping work to keep the SmarterMail system running as best as it can.

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