Updated Windows Control Panel Launching This Week!

This week we are very excited that we will be launching our updated Windows Control Panel system! This new version brings features and fixes directly from the WebsitePanel project, as well as our modifications and additions. The updated release is packed with 100’s of new features, capabilities and fixes! Below are some of the major ones that our customers will benefit from…

  • Server 2012 / IIS 8 Support
  • SQL Server 2012 Support
  • Improved SSL management
  • Improved IIS / websites management
  • Enable / Disable FTP accounts
  • PHP 5.5 support
  • “Switch to dedicated / shared IP” switch for websites
  • “Execute PHP File” scheduled task
  • Improved Reseller peer roles
  • Improved SmarterStats stats site management
  • Updated “Web Application Gallery” module
  • New “Services Information” page – Details hosting package server information
  • Improved MySQL database management
  • New “Failed Requests Tracing” IIS / website feature
  • Improved “Web Deploy / Publishing” and “IIS Remote Management”
  • Many “behind-the-scenes” improvements
  • And many other items!

This update will be launched this week (most likely towards the end of the week). We will release another announcement once the date has been established. If you have any feature requests or changes you would like to see done to our Windows Control Panel, please leave a comment below!

Thank you again for choosing ASPnix as your Windows web hosting provider!

1 thought on “Updated Windows Control Panel Launching This Week!”

  1. A customer has already emailed me regarding PHP 5.5 support. He asks…


    Will ASPnix be launching PHP 5.5 along side the control panel update?


    At this time PHP 5.5 is in Alpha and still far from a “stable” release. Once PHP 5.5 goes stable we will add it to our supported PHP versions. The work done in the control panel is simply to get our control panel ready for it.

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