Where can I find my hosting account details and server information?

When your Windows hosting account was created you were sent multiple emails including 2 that outlined your hosting account credentials, and server information. They were titled “ASPnix – Control Panel Account Summary” and “ASPnix – Hosting Space Summary / Server Details”

The “Control Panel Account Summary” email has your account credentials and the URLs to our control panel. The “Hosting Space Summary / Server Details” email has your hosting space details such as the physical path to your hosting space root, SQL server connection details, FTP server information, and any other information related to your hosting space.

To view the information related to specific services within your hosting space / account…

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Can I change my control panel username?

Unfortunately no, you will not be able to change your control panel username. The username assigned to your hosting account is also part of the directory path for your hosting account root. For Windows based customers (Shared Hosting, VPS and Hosted Email) our control panel includes a “peer user” feature. A peer user is basically an alias to the primary account / username. Follow the steps bellow to create a peer user. Follow the steps below to create a new peer user for your account…

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