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  • My ISP blocks port 25, is there another SMTP port I can use to send mail?

    No comments February 29th, 2012 3252

    Many ISPs block port 25 (and many others are starting to block other “alternate” SMTP ports) as this is the standard port for mail delivery. They block the port for a variety of reasons; the most common reasons are to prevent you from running your own mail server and to stop devices on their network that are infected with spyware or malware from sending and spreading spam.

    We offer multiple SMTP ports to aid in allow users to send mail through our mail servers.

    • 23 (TLS supported / available)
    • 25 (default port, TLS supported / available)
    • 26 (TLS supported / available)
    • 465 (SSL required)
    • 587 (TLS supported / available)
    • 2025 (TLS supported / available)
    • 2525 (TLS supported / available)
    • 6025 (TLS supported / available)
    • 6465 (SSL required)
    • 8080 (TLS supported / available)

    Why so many? Unfortunately, some ISPs are beginning to block 26, 465, 587 and 2525. So we’ve had to open up additional ports to make sure our customers are not restricted to using the poor quality ISP SMTP servers to deliver mail. We recommend trying 25 first, if that does not work, use 465 (SSL required) or 587 (TLS supported / available) to send mail. If these do not work, try using any of the other ports we have available.

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