Tutorial: Launch a new website in seconds. No fuss. No hassle. Clear Prices.

If you have ever gone through the awful process of signing up for one web host or another you are probably familiar with all of the sneaky ways in which most hosting companies try and nickel and dime you. Throwing piles of add-on prices and hidden fees onto your final bill.

Hosting companies are famously known for the way in which they advertise a deceptively low price and then add on vague costs and services, until the customer owes much more than they originally expected to. To add insult to injury, the prices often double after a little while.

Here at ASPnix.com we don’t play games. To prove it, I took screen shots of the entire process from start to finish to show you how simple and transparent our process is.

Let’s start by opening a FREE Linux starter account. The same simple process we follow today will be almost identical to signing up for one of our $5 Windows Starter accounts, or for that manner any of our other services.

Go to our homepage at www.ASPnix.com

Next select “Linux Cloud Hosting” and click to select.

NOTICE how free means free, not Free this month. It means FREE. We don’t manipulate our costs or our customers. They are honest and directly to the point. No funny business. No confusing language.

When you have determined which plan you would like, click on “Order” to enter the next page.

In the picture above I have selected a $19.00 per year domain name. Choose the domains that you would like to register and click on “Click to Continue”.

Select your preferred billing cycle.

Do you want ID protection? In this case I have selected not to pay the extra $5.00

Lastly check out and pay.

Look at that! No mystery prices or additional fees! The recurring fee is the same year to year. No funny business.

That’s it. No hassle. No fuss. No tricks. Enjoy your new web site.