What you need to know before installing an SSL Certificate

There are a few key things worth keeping in mind when you decide on an SSL certificate for your website.

Multiple certificates and SNI

Server Name Identification otherwise known as SNI will allow a server to present multiple certificates to the same IP address and port number. This allows multiple websites to be served from the same IP address without requiring all of those websites to use the same certificate.

Although the vast majority of users today use a browser that supports SNI, there are some older browsers that will not. If a users browser does not support SNI they will be provided with a default certificate and likely will receive a warning notification in their browser.

SSL certificates are annual

SSL certificates when purchased, often come with a 1-year expiration date. There are also certificate options that will work for multiple years. Technically speaking “renewing” a certificate is literally just buying a new one.

SSL requires a dedicated IP

A private certificate requires that it has its own dedicated IP address. Companies like ASPnix offer a dedicated IP for a dollar or two cheaper per month than most of their competitors but this service does have a cost. A dedicated IP will cost $3 per month at ASPnix.

WARNING: companies like HostGator will automatically add services onto your account when you install SSL. A good web host will never automatically add new products or charges to your bill without asking you first. This behavior is predatory and shouldn’t be excused. If you have ASPnix and you need to purchase dedicated hosting, you can very easily do so by adding it to your cart and checking out. If you are unsure how to do this just open a ticket or call +1 303-339-0338 and ask someone to help you out.