Simple IFTTT Recipes For Everyday Use

If This Then That is a way in which you can automate various tasks and activities across various platforms and systems. Below are some very simple “recipes” that might inspire you to make something new or to automate some of your daily tasks.


The system works like this, “If THIS then THAT” is the formula the system uses to listen and to identify what actions to take when it is activated. THIS is the causes. THAT is the result.


“If FACEBOOK then TWITTER” could be the recipe you would use to post on Twitter each time you posted on Facebook.

Text to escape

Help organize your screenshots

Save Facebook photos you are tagged in

Backup Instagram images

Schedule weather notifications each day

Get a warning before it rains

Automatically message people back

Lost phone? Turn the volume all the way up

Backup your phone contacts to a spreadsheet

Get a message when a particular person emails you

Email after a feed gets updated

Automatically check in on Foursquare