Why JavaScript Matters

Javascript is a necessity and its everywhere today. Javascript helps to make webpages more immersive, adding more interactive experiences to otherwise dull pages. It is so good at what it does that there really isn’t any alternatives.

Here are 5 reasons that JavaScript isn’t going anywhere:

  1. It is already everywhere

    Google, Netflix, LinkedIn, etc. all use it. It has staying power because its already everywhere and that won’t change overnight.

  2. It is flexible

    It can be used for frontend or backend while providing excellent performance. It isn’t bound to any browser or operating system either. The only tool you need is a text editor.

  3. It is easy to learn

    Anyone can learn it without any tools besides a text editor and a browser on any OS. Internet tutorials, videos and forums make this one of the simplest and most accessible languages to learn. Also, you will be forced to bump into HTML and CSS in the process. These 3 together are the foundational building blocks of websites everywhere.

  4. It has a great community

    As mentioned before there are lots of resources for the beginner. The community is full of experts and newbies alike. As new problems arise, new solutions arise. The community as a whole is always growing and changing.

  5. It has relevancy

    Want to learn to program? You will need JavaScript. It’s so widely used that you won’t see many job listings in which a developer isn’t expected to know it.