3 Simple Raspberry Pi Projects for Learning About IOT.

The Raspberry Pi has become one of the most used platforms for building and experimenting with new ideas and learning new technologies. It is the essential go-to for engineers and students alike. Today we are going to go over a few introductory projects chosen for people interested in learning about the IOT.

Model Rockets

Using a GPS receiver and radio transmitter which is specially designed for use with high altitude projects available HERE you can triangulate the height, distance and location of your rockets. This project can be used to practice using GPS and RF transmitting modules as well as temperature sensors.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Monitoring humidity or temperature can be a handy way to keep an eye out for a potential problem and as the author of the following tutorial will tell you it can definitely become a dependable tool to prevent a catastrophe. This is a simple project to get started with. There are instructions and links to the parts you will need HERE

Pi Web Server

In this super simple project found HERE you can build an Apache Web server on the Raspberry Pi’s Linux OS. If this seems like too simple a project for your tastes you can then connect it to the temperature and humidity sensor project mentioned previously.