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  • Are ASPnix server times synchronized at all?

    No comments April 5th, 2019 545

    This is a question we get asked regularly and the answer is yes they are! Over the years we’ve heard from many sales calls, chats and tickets about how many other providers have servers with times that are either many seconds or even many minutes off from the actual time.

    All of our servers sync to the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) time servers.

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  • What are the default SmarterMail auto-clean folder rules?

    No comments February 6th, 2018 1337

    Users can fully customize their own auto-clean rules for folders to keep email folders clutter free and easier to manage by automatically processing older mail. Currently, 2 default rules apply to all email accounts…

    • Junk E-Mail – 30 Days
    • Deleted Items – 30 Days

    This means that email older than the number of days set is removed automatically.

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  • Outlook 2016 – Disable Simplified Account Creation

    No comments October 5th, 2017 2379

    An updated release of Outlook 2016 (16.0.8431.2079) has started a new “Simplified Account Creation” utility that does not allow for setting up ActiveSync enabled accounts. The following steps will resolve this and return Outlook back to the original account creation utility.

    1. We are not responsible for issues caused by editing your registry!
    2. Download the registry file at
    3. Shutdown Outlook 2016, if it is running
    4. Extract the registry file from the downloaded zip in step #2
    5. Right click on the registry (.reg) file and choose “Merge”
    6. Select “Yes” to continue
    7. Select “Ok” to confirm the merge has completed
    8. Open Outlook 2016

    This will now allow you to use the original account creation utility.


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  • SmarterMail 16 minimum browser requirements

    No comments May 30th, 2017 1559

    SmarterMail v16 has a brand new web interface that uses the latest in web technologies, as a result needs a browser that is capable of understanding and using these technologies to have a great user experience.

    • Google Chrome 30+
    • Mozilla Firefox 39+
    • Opera 17+
    • Safari 9.1.3+ (macOS 10.9+)
    • Chrome on Android 4.4+
    • Internet Explorer 11+
    • Microsoft Edge (any version)
    • iOS 10+
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  • What file extensions are blocked and not allowed to be sent or received through email?

    2 comments March 14th, 2017 1734

    The following “dangerous” file extensions are blocked and are not allowed to be sent or received through our email services.  These extensions are also blocked within zip, rar and other types of compressed archives. We disallow these extensions as they are commonly used in viruses, malware, rootkits, ransomware and other security issues. Attempting to send an email containing an attachment with a blocked extension will result in the email being rejected and sent back to you with a notice. If you are sent an email containing an attachment with a blocked extension, the email will also be rejected.


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  • What is the “Hassle-Free Migration” service all about?

    No comments January 29th, 2017 1728

    All of our shared hosting packages, including Linux (excludes the free hosting plan) and the Windows (excludes Reseller services) shared hosting include the “Hassle-Free Migration” service free of charge! Once you’ve signed up and contacted our technical support team, we can go ahead with migration of your site, files, databases and we can even migrate your eMail from your current provider to us!

    Why let ASPnix migrate your hosting services?

    We’ve been doing this for over a decade for one, so we know how to get your precious data migrated quickly and efficiently. Sometimes, customers have large sites, but slow Internet connections which makes the time to move data much higher. Pulling down your site to your local computer, then uploading it to us, this is double work! Our technicians can migrate your data at blazing fast carrier level speeds directly from your old provider to us, no middle man!

    It is tedious… Exporting databases, creating new usernames for them, updating site configuration files and much more… We have unique tools that allow our technicians to migrate data efficiently to get your sites online fast!

    Did we mention free… This service is provided 100% free of charge with your hosting service! Please review our Terms of Service for rules terms regarding the migration service.

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  • How to report false negative and false positive emails

    No comments December 15th, 2016 1691

    While our spam filtering system(s) are awesome, occasionally they make a mistake and miss an email or incorrectly identified an email as spam that was not. Reporting these errors is easy!

    To report a false negative (an email that is spam, but was not identified as spam), simply forward the email to and the spam filtering engine will pick it up, scan it and automatically adjust itself for future emails.

    To report a false positive (an email that is not spam, but was identified as spam). Please open a support ticket with the department related to your associated service and give the Headers from the email. You can save the email and directly attach it to the ticket. We will work with the spam filtering vendor to see why the email was identified as spam and how to resolve it going forward.

    You can also prevent emails from being scanned by our spam filtering system by whitelisting the sender’s email address or domain in SmarterMail. 

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  • Does ASPnix support fully encrypted / secured email delivery?

    No comments March 11th, 2014 6409

    Yes! Our SmarterMail services fully support SSL / TLS based delivery from start to finish. Our primary SmarterMail server, our delivery (outbound) gateways, our backup MX gateways, our website mail delivery gateways all fully support encrypted / secured email delivery.

    With that said however, there are exceptions and limitations. For example – a recipient’s mail server may not support secured connections for incoming mail and as a result our SmarterMail systems cannot establish a secured delivery. When our SmarterMail systems cannot establish an encryption session they will fall-back to standard delivery methods. Our SmarterMail systems will always attempt to establish an encrypted session to the receiving mail server first.

    Our SmarterMail services also fully supports encrypted incoming email deliveries from 3rd party mail servers. Just as our SmarterMail servers attempt to establish secure connections to recipient servers, other mail servers also attempt to establish secured connections to us as well.

    This is quickly becoming standardized and widely adopted, large service providers like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL and many others already support encrypted email delivery and many many smaller companies do as well!

    You can quickly test a recipient’s mail server to see if they support encrypted mail delivery at

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  • IMAP IDLE vs. ActiveSync

    No comments November 7th, 2013 3331

    While IMAP IDLE provides real-time notifications to your client, it differs from ActiveSync in many ways. IMAP IDLE is an extension of the IMAP protocol (as described here) and IMAP being a message protocol, it handles only email. ActiveSync (as described here) handles email, calendar, contacts, notes and tasks, and syncs them across all of your clients (that support ActiveSync, including devices).

    ActiveSync for example, if you added a new contact on your phone, your desktop client would instantly also have the contact available. The same goes the other way too, if you create a new calendar event on your desktop client, your phone would instantly have the event as well.

    IMAP IDLE can also only generally receive notifications for the folder you currently have selected / viewing. ActiveSync does not have this limitation and receives real-time notifications for all folders.

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  • What is IMAP IDLE?

    No comments November 7th, 2013 3309

    IMAP IDLE is an extension of the IMAP protocol to allow the client (Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird etc.) to receive real-time notifications of mailbox changes without the need for the client to keep checking the server for new messages.

    While this does provide real-time notifications for changes, it does have limitations. For example, you can only receive updates for the folder you currently have selected / viewing in your email client. IE if you have the “Inbox” folder selected and you receive an email in a folder called “Job Listings” the email client will not be updated until it does a standard refresh / check for new messages.

    The reason for this is due to how IMAP IDLE works. When you select a folder, the client establishes a connection to the server’s IMAP service and states that it supports IDLE and the connection remains open and constant to the server. So imagine if you had 25 folders… That would be 25 connections to the server. That may not seem like much, but do that across thousands of IMAP email clients, some with 1 folder, others with 25, some with hundreds… You can quickly see this can become a connection nightmare for the server to handle.

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