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  • Are ASPnix server times synchronized at all?

    No comments April 5th, 2019 545

    This is a question we get asked regularly and the answer is yes they are! Over the years we’ve heard from many sales calls, chats and tickets about how many other providers have servers with times that are either many seconds or even many minutes off from the actual time.

    All of our servers sync to the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) time servers.

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  • How do I get ACRE (plugin) to work with my TeamSpeak server?

    No comments January 31st, 2013 4882

    Once you’ve installed the ACRE plugin according to their provided instructions you may need to adjust the anti-flood / spam protection on your server to allow this plugin to work properly. The steps below have been confirmed to work correctly and cause no issues for the plugin or other users. Please note that your identity is required to have server admin privileges to manage these settings.

    1. Login to your TeamSpeak server (as a full server admin)
    2. Right-click on your TeamSpeak server instances name (the very first item in the channel list)
    3. Choose “Edit Virtual Server”
    4. Select the “Anti-Flood” tab
    5. Change the “Reduced Points Per Tick” option to 15
    6. Click “Apply” then “Ok”

    Your server should now run this plugin properly.

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  • Can I have a custom hostname for my TeamSpeak server?

    2 comments November 5th, 2012 4167

    Yes! You can do this from within our TeamSpeak control panel at and clicking the “Server Hostname” option.


    Custom hostnames can only contains alpha-numeric characters as well as dot (.), dash (-) and underscore (_). Using a custom hostname means you only enter your hostname in the TeamSpeak Address field and it does the rest on its own!

    Please note that this feature only works with TeamSpeak client v3.0.8 and higher. TeamSpeak clients below v3.0.8 do not support SRV DNS records and as a result cannot utilize the custom hostname. These clients will need to use the full hostname including the port or upgrade their client.

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  • What version of TeamSpeak does ASPnix run?

    2 comments July 1st, 2012 3911

    Our TeamSpeak servers are running v3.0.13. (Released 08-01-2016). Our TeamSpeak servers are updated based on the update(s) released. If the update addresses operating issues or fixes bugs reported by clients we will deploy them as soon as possible. If the update however does not offer any big changes we may hold off on the update until several are released to make the update worth the downtime. Some updates may also need an update of the TeamSpeak 3 client. If you are unable to connect please make sure you are running the latest version of the TeamSpeak 3 client.

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  • How do I allow to “scan” my TeamSpeak server?

    No comments June 29th, 2012 4964

    In order to allow’s TeamSpeak server information system to connect to and retrieve information about your TeamSpeak instance you must allow 3 specific guest group permissions. Please grant the following permissions to the “Guest” server group…

    Navigate Virtual Server -> Information

    1. b_virtualserver_info_view (ServerQuery: View Virtual Server Info)
    2. b_virtualserver_channel_list (ServerQuery: View List of existing Channels)
    3. b_virtualserver_client_list (ServerQuery: View List of Clients online)

    You can now successfully add your TeamSpeak instance to GameTracker. Please note that ASPnix does not need to whitelist their IP addresses as they are already whitelisted.

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  • What operating system is being used for ASPnix TeamSpeak 3 servers?

    No comments March 8th, 2012 3494

    Our TeamSpeak 3 servers are powered by the x64 build of Debian, and are stripped down to the bare essentials required to run TeamSpeak. Our TeamSpeak servers are dedicated to TeamSpeak and run no other servers and services, and all the extra “weight” from the OS is removed to make it as light as possible.

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  • What control panel is offered to manage my TeamSpeak server?

    No comments March 5th, 2012 3502

    As of May 14th 2013 we have developed our own in-house TeamSpeak control panel to assist you in managing your TeamSpeak server. The following options are available for you to manage your server…

    • Start, stop and restart your server
    • View your server logs (last 100 entries)
    • Edit your server details (server name, welcome message, password, banner and host message)
    • Manage privilege keys, create new privilege keys
    • Reset server permissions to stock
    • Manage temporary passwords, create new temporary passwords
    • Manage server bans, create new bans
    • View online clients and their details
    • View server client list
    • Kick and ban online clients
    • Manage client complaints
    • Backup and restore server backups (ASPnix only)
    • Utilize the TeamSpeak Server Viewer

    If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions please contact our sales department.

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  • Does ASPnix limit bandwidth or restrict sound codecs or any other features?

    No comments March 4th, 2012 3392

    We do not limit bandwidth on our TeamSpeak services; we also do not limit which sound codecs are available for your server to use. File transfers are limited to 128KBps for both uploading and downloading. Please note that we do actively monitor our TeamSpeak systems for pirated and or copyrighted material, if any is found, the offending voice server will be terminated.

    We do not allow the changing / editing of the following items…

    • Server slot count
    • Host message (not the same as the welcome message)
    • Host icon (not the same as the host banner)
    • File transfer speed limits
    • File transfer quota limits
    • Minimum client version
    • Writing to the server log is disabled

    You may find other virtual server permissions are not available to you, unfortunately on our shared systems these will not be allowed to be edited.

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  • Where can I download the TeamSpeak 3 client?

    No comments March 1st, 2012 3392

    The TeamSpeak 3 client can be downloaded from the official TeamSpeak website, and is available in 32/64-bit builds and different operating systems. Please download the correct one for your system.

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  • I have just purchased a hosting package, TeamSpeak, VPS or Dedicated server, how long does it take to setup?

    No comments February 29th, 2012 3508

    Most orders are setup as soon as the payment is processed. However some orders do require additional verification and may delay the setup up to 24 – 48 hours. When ordering please make sure that your location matches as closely as possible to your Credit Cards billing address and that all details entered are correct and 100% valid. Entering fake details could delay your order, cause it to be tagged as fraud, or be cancelled.

    Dedicated server orders may be delayed as time is required to install the server and configure it as required by the order.

    If you have any questions please contact our sales department.

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