What control panel is offered to manage my TeamSpeak server?

As of May 14th 2013 we have developed our own in-house TeamSpeak control panel to assist you in managing your TeamSpeak server. The following options are available for you to manage your server…

  • Start, stop and restart your server
  • View your server logs (last 100 entries)
  • Edit your server details (server name, welcome message, password, banner and host message)
  • Manage privilege keys, create new privilege keys
  • Reset server permissions to stock
  • Manage temporary passwords, create new temporary passwords
  • Manage server bans, create new bans
  • View online clients and their details
  • View server client list
  • Kick and ban online clients
  • Manage client complaints
  • Backup and restore server backups (ASPnix only)
  • Utilize the TeamSpeak Server Viewer

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions please contact our sales department.