Can I have a custom hostname for my TeamSpeak server?

Yes! You can do this from within our TeamSpeak control panel at and clicking the “Server Hostname” option.


Custom hostnames can only contains alpha-numeric characters as well as dot (.), dash (-) and underscore (_). Using a custom hostname means you only enter your hostname in the TeamSpeak Address field and it does the rest on its own!

Please note that this feature only works with TeamSpeak client v3.0.8 and higher. TeamSpeak clients below v3.0.8 do not support SRV DNS records and as a result cannot utilize the custom hostname. These clients will need to use the full hostname including the port or upgrade their client.

2 thoughts on “Can I have a custom hostname for my TeamSpeak server?”

    • Sure! You will be required to create the required DNS records with your hosting / DNS provider. If you are not sure what records to create, I’d recommend contacting TeamSpeak for support and your provider will also have to support SRV DNS records.

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