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  • Important Information Outlook 2016 and ActiveSync Users

    No comments October 4th, 2017 552

    Sadly, it appears that Microsoft is beginning to pull ActiveSync support from Outlook 2016, begging with an update released on September 12th that has disabled ActiveSync support for new accounts (existing accounts will continue working). This is a very poor decision on Microsoft’s part, however, SmarterTools is working to add MAPI support into SmarterMail which will offer better integration with Outlook than ActiveSync did.

    For more information, workarounds and alternative email clients, please visit SmarterTools’ announcement here

    We highly recommend eM Client, which can be downloaded here – – It is free for up to 2 accounts and supports Exchange Web Services, free! Exchange Web Services will allow eM Client to sync your email, calendars, tasks etc. just like ActiveSync, but without the licensing costs of ActiveSync. eM Client also includes a built-in chat system that can also connect to SmarterMail’s built-in chat system so you can chat with your colleagues and more!

    Please note that ActiveSync is still required for mobile devices if you wish to sync the above items.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    Thank you for choosing ASPnix!

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  • iOS 11 + ActiveSync + Server 2016 = Upset Mail App

    No comments September 20th, 2017 542

    Currently iOS 11 has issues with ActiveSync accounts that are connecting to a Server 2016 (IIS 10) web server, services such as, Office 365 and possibly other systems as well. We had hoped Apple would have resolved this semi-critical issue before the public release, unfortunately though, nope.

    For ASPnix’s SmarterMail customers using ActiveSync, we applied the “workaround” which involves disabling HTTP/2 on Server 2016 about 2 weeks before iOS 11 was publicly released, so customers who have upgraded already will not experience any email interactions with our services.

    If you have not upgraded and you use email with, Office365, we recommend that you wait until Apple has released an update that resolves this. 

    This issue only affects ActiveSync and the Apple Mail app when connecting to Windows Server 2016, it does not apply to Outlook for iOS. We have also received reports stating that the K9-Mail app for iOS is also not affected. If you are using IMAP or POP, this also does not affect you.

    If you are unsure as to your email configuration, we recommend waiting just to be sure! We will announce once Apple has released an update that resolves this problem. More information about the issue can be found by visiting

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  • Locky ransomware – Spamvertised ransomware – Are you protected?

    No comments September 1st, 2017 532

    In light of the many news reports, the Locky ransomware is being distributed through a new spam campaign as a .vbs (VBScript) file and many customers have reached out and asked if they are protected from this, so we figured we’d let all of our customers know!

    First, our mail server does not accept any emails that contain attachments with dangerous file extensions, such as .vbs, so this stops the current primary attack vector. However, the ransomware can also be distributed through more “trusted” sources such as .doc (Microsoft Word) document, which are not blocked. With this, we have reached out to Cyren, our cloud-based anti-spam and anti-virus filtering service and they have confirmed to have detection algorithms and signatures for the Locky virus, including its variants. Since Cyren has very good Zero-Hour protection, our customers should be protected from even the newest outbreaks.

    We highly recommend that customers never open attachments from sources they do not know and always make sure that local anti-virus software and signatures are kept up-to-date. And of course, having a full backup of your PC at all times is the best solution, things do happen and it is a great idea to be prepared! And remember just because you may have files backed up to a local USB drive, this does not mean your data is safe! 

    As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!

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  • Windows Control Panel – New Features!

    No comments August 25th, 2017 617

    We are pleased to announce a few new features of our Windows control panel! We are pleased to bring a few requested features to our control panel system and give our customers some new features and capabilities included with their hosting plans!

    For the look-n-feel…

    We’ve added colored buttons to better assist users in distinguishing certain actions, such as the “Save” vs. “Delete” action.  This makes it easier to eyeball what action is what simply based on the color of the button. Dangerous or destructive actions are red or orange, while friendlier actions are green, blue or grey. Disabled or not-available actions are also easier to spot as the buttons visibility will be reduced.

    This only applies to the ASPnix branded control system, no changes have been made to the Reseller control panel.

    For MySQL databases…

    • Option to recreate a database
    • Option to truncate a database
    • Option to optimize a database’s tables

    Truncating a database empties all tables within the database, many developers have requested this to make it easier to clear a database without having to drop tables and drop/recreate them or use PHPMyAdmin.

    The “optimize” option will execute the MySQL “OPTIMIZE TABLE” query against all tables within the database.

    Lastly, the “recreate” option will delete the existing database and recreate it and assign the same users, collation and character set to the new database. The recreated database will be empty and contain no data.

    For the DNS editor / Zone records…

    We are happy to now have support for CAA record types! CAA DNS records are used to control which certificate authorities can issue certificates for your domain and be notified of failures. Beginning September 8th 2017, all publicly trusted CAs will be required to respect CAA records. Generating records is fast and easy! We encourage customers to use the generator found here to create the required CAA records for your domains.

    Important note for Resellers..

    If you are a reseller customer and use your own portal installation, an update will be required. Please download the latest portal application from the client area. Due to changes in the DNS API,  previous builds will no longer work.

    As always, if you have any questions, concerns or comments, please let us know! Your feedback is helping is make our control panel and web hosting services that much better!

    Thank you for choosing ASPnix!


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  • Coming Soon – SmarterMail 16

    No comments April 25th, 2017 791

    We are very pleased to announce that SmarterMail v16 is just around the corner! Not weeks away… DAYS!!! SmarterMail v16 has been rewritten from the ground up, given a completely fresh and redesigned interface and our favorite feature so far! The ability to have live meetings online using chat as well as video, even a live drawing board, share files and more!

    SmarterMail v16 has a brand new fully API driven design that can allow developers access to all functions of SmarterMail, even the ability to write full features desktop and mobile clients around the SmarterMail API!

    Check out some of the screenshots we’ve captured to give an idea of how much SmarterMail has changed!

    Past major upgrades have been applied usually pretty quickly by our systems admin team, however, with this being a major rewrite of the SmarterMail code base, we may sit the launch out for a few minor releases just to make sure all issues are caught by early adopters. The upgrade will depend though on reports that we see on their forums as well as speaking to their support to decide how others upgrades and launches are going.

    Rest assured though, ASPnix will be upgrading to the latest and greatest of SmarterMail very soon!

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  • WordPress Security – A Continuous Fight

    No comments April 12th, 2017 771

    WordPress remains one of the most popular (arguably the most popular) website content management system on the Internet today. With that fame and usage comes the bad as well, security issues, exploits, security holes, poor written code and more. This attracts malicious attacks, hackers, and other foul intentions to your site looking to gain their 2 minutes of fame, spread attacks, use your site to launch attacks towards other sites and more.

    Continue reading “WordPress Security – A Continuous Fight” »

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  • Announcing new Virtual Cloud Server Plans

    No comments August 30th, 2016 1173

    We are pleased to announce our new Virtual Cloud Server plans that will allow our customers more flexibility in building the exact virtual server that is required. No more pre-built plans that are not flexible, no more having to pay for 100s of GB of space when all you needed was more RAM. Pay only for what you need!

    Our new cloud platform is powered by Samsung Data-Center class SSD drives for maximum speed, over 1,000,000 IOPS performance! Powerful Intel Xeon processors up to 16 cores, and DDR4 memory up to 32GB! Our new platform starts at $20 per month for a Windows VPS!


    Those that love Linux can now enjoy it on our Hyper-V cloud platform as well! CentOS, Fedora Server, Red Hat, Ubuntu Server and Debian are all now supported! Get started with a Linux VPS today for only $10 per month.

    Customers who are interested in starting their own hosting company or just want to make managing their Linux server a little easier can purchase our cPanel Control Panel addon.

    For more information about our new VPS plans –

    Now is a perfect time to purchase a VPS and start hosting your own web site, database, point-of-sale system and much more! Customers all around the world trust their Virtual Cloud Server operations to us and our growing and expanding network! So why not give our new Virtual Server plans a try, and see how a VPS can benefit you today!

    Thank you for choosing ASPnix!

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  • Announcing Let’s Encrypt Certificate Support for Windows and Linux

    1 comment August 30th, 2016 1382

    Today we are very pleased to announce support for Let’s EncryptTM SSL certificates! We are also one of the first Windows hosting providers to support Let’s Encrypt! Our Linux cPanel systems also support Let’s Encrypt for all paid accounts. This new-comer to the certificate world has gained popularity extremely quick offering completely free of charge website SSL certificates. We know security is important to our customers and many do not want the additional cost of purchasing an SSL certificate, renewing it every x years can be a pain. Configuring the SSL certificate can also be troublesome for many non-technical users as well.

    le-logo-standardNot anymore! Let’s Encrypt is a fully automated one-click SSL certificate installation. Even renewals are handled automatically! No more having to reissue or rekey certificates, generating new CSRs and all that other “fun” stuff! Let’s Encrypt certificates are valid for 90 days and are automatically renewed 7-days before the certificate expires, customers will be emailed a report for each certificate once renewed.

    Anyone can take advantage of this new feature and install SSL on your website today! All you need is a dedicated IP address which can be purchased through our billing system by clicking “Manage” next to your hosting account and then selecting “View Available Addons”.

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

    Thank you for choosing ASPnix!


    The Let’s Encrypt logo is a trademark of the Internet Security Research Group. All rights reserved.

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  • Advertising on Social Media

    No comments April 26th, 2016 1439

    There are nearly countless methods of social networking on the internet, with the numbers growing every day. Naturally, a few names standout as the top platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. Small businesses likely cannot afford to choose more than one of these platforms, though the visibility is certainly worth the investment.

    Where will you receive the best results?

    Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of advertising on the top social media platforms:


    Pros: Facebook has the largest number of users (over 1.19 billion and of those at least 700 million users are active daily) and will give you immediate visibility with a wide range of audiences. It offers advanced targeting options so that small businesses can advertise to their specific clientele. Targeting options are: location, gender, likes/interests, workplace, relationship status, and education.

    Cons: In comparison to other sites, Facebook’s provided metrics are very small. Additionally the expense for a small ad may not offer increased traffic enough to justify its cost.


    Pros: The user base is made up of mainly business professionals, which gives the platform a high conversion rate. Categories like employee title, location, and demographics allow targeting to specific audiences. The platform is growing swiftly, particularly in markets such as India.

    Cons: Click-through-rates are fairly low, though the ones that do click are usually invested. Compared to other platforms, advertisements are expensive. Additionally remarketing options are not available.


    Pros: With its use of hashtags, Twitter allows targeting of users based on their current interests. Like Facebook, Twitter has a dedicated user base (over 320 million active users, with 1.3 billion total). Its ad format is much more straightforward via promoted tweets, which appear like any other user’s tweet. Promoted accounts and trends are additionally beneficial.

    Cons: Apart from hashtags and keywords, Twitter’s selection of interests to choose from is fairly limited and makes it difficult to target by interest. Twitter keeps quiet about its ads’ success compared to other platforms. Also the cost can be unthinkable for small businesses, especially for “promoted trends.”


    Pros: As a search engine itself, Google knows how to use SEO benefits. Its audience is more tech-driven (a pro for some companies and a con for others). The advertiser does not pay for their ad unless someone clicks on it and at that point, pays per click.

    Cons: Google does qualify hovering over the ad for two seconds or more as a click. This platform does not receive as much traffic as the other sites mentioned, with a mere 300 million monthly users (although this includes use of Google’s other products like YouTube). Also targeting options are limited and promotion policies are restrictive.


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  • Color Psychology pt 2

    No comments April 14th, 2016 1645

    If you haven’t yet, take a look at our first post on colors. This follow-up will focus more on the marketing potential in color and how to utilize that.

    First off, you have probably seen a color wheel, but do you know how to utilize it? These terms may be helpful:

    Color wheels are a helpful tool for assembling colors and intensities that complement each other. The hue is the brightest form of the color shown on the outside of the wheel. These are the purest form of the color and are not diluted with any white, black, or grey. Next is the tint, which has been mixed with white for a more pastel version of the same color. Third on the wheel, nearing the center, is the tone, which is the hue mixed with true grey for a more muted version. Lastly, closest to the center, is the shade which is the hue mixed with black for a rich, deep result.

    Often in marketing, tints are used for female products while shades promote products geared toward men.

    Think of the common colors we see around us. Pink is often associated with confectionary shops, red with fast food, calming greens with bookstores or organic markets, while blue is a common color in insurance companies and banks.

    Color’s influence cannot be overstated.

    The most important thing is that your design promotes readability. Blunt, complementary colors keep the text from fading into the background without contrast. For images or logos, colors schemes with the central item being the brightest color will focus attention without straining your viewers’ eyes.

    Color schemes that consciously direct the eye’s path are often the most successful. For example, a website with a grey background, black text, and some red framing. If you organize the red so that it is associated with buttons, essential elements, and action, readers will be “trained” to recognize the highlighted sections as important.

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