Windows Control Panel – New Features!

We are pleased to announce a few new features of our Windows control panel! We are pleased to bring a few requested features to our control panel system and give our customers some new features and capabilities included with their hosting plans!

For the look-n-feel…

We’ve added colored buttons to better assist users in distinguishing certain actions, such as the “Save” vs. “Delete” action.  This makes it easier to eyeball what action is what simply based on the color of the button. Dangerous or destructive actions are red or orange, while friendlier actions are green, blue or grey. Disabled or not-available actions are also easier to spot as the buttons visibility will be reduced.

This only applies to the ASPnix branded control system, no changes have been made to the Reseller control panel.

For MySQL databases…

  • Option to recreate a database
  • Option to truncate a database
  • Option to optimize a database’s tables

Truncating a database empties all tables within the database, many developers have requested this to make it easier to clear a database without having to drop tables and drop/recreate them or use PHPMyAdmin.

The “optimize” option will execute the MySQL “OPTIMIZE TABLE” query against all tables within the database.

Lastly, the “recreate” option will delete the existing database and recreate it and assign the same users, collation and character set to the new database. The recreated database will be empty and contain no data.

For the DNS editor / Zone records…

We are happy to now have support for CAA record types! CAA DNS records are used to control which certificate authorities can issue certificates for your domain and be notified of failures. Beginning September 8th 2017, all publicly trusted CAs will be required to respect CAA records. Generating records is fast and easy! We encourage customers to use the generator found here to create the required CAA records for your domains.

Important note for Resellers..

If you are a reseller customer and use your own portal installation, an update will be required. Please download the latest portal application from the client area. Due to changes in the DNS API,  previous builds will no longer work.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or comments, please let us know! Your feedback is helping is make our control panel and web hosting services that much better!

Thank you for choosing ASPnix!