Windows Control Panel – New Features!

We are pleased to announce a few new features of our Windows control panel! We are pleased to bring a few requested features to our control panel system and give our customers some new features and capabilities included with their hosting plans!

Support for Environment Variables

We’ve added an all new website setting tab called “Environment Variables” – This will allow website owners to create Environment Variables that are accessible to that website’s anonymous user account. This is quickly becoming the norm for storing API details, setting the “debug” level of the application, setting the deployment level of the application, hash secrets and more! Over the past few months we have had many customers and their developers asking for this feature and we are proud to now support it! Each website can only access its own Environment Variables.

With this new feature, comes security concerns. For example, PHP’s phpinfo() function will print out all environment variables that it has access to. So make sure that your website contains no publicly accessible debuggers or phpinfo() screens or anything else that expose such information. Even if you are not using Environment Variables, we always recommend that such files and debuggers not be available to the public anyways as they can be used by attackers to find out hidden information about your site.

PHP 7.3

We’ve also added support for the upcoming PHP 7.3.0 release. This weekend we will roll out full support for PHP 7.3 on our Windows web hosting plans. More information regarding PHP 7.3 will be released soon! So if you are a PHP developer, look out for the announcement!

Important note for Resellers…

If you are a reseller customer and use your own portal installation, an update will be required. The updated portal release will be available later today. Due to changes in the API, previous builds will no longer work.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or comments, please let us know! Your feedback is helping is make our control panel and web hosting services that much better!

Thank you for choosing ASPnix!

3 thoughts on “Windows Control Panel – New Features!”

  1. I have found that I am now unable to open my website. The screen comes up black. I get a message that it is not supported. How can I get access back. LinkedIn says they believe it is a hosting problem. Please respond with a remedy. Thanks

    Kevin Early

    • Kevin, your website loads fine on my computer, however, it is running flash. So in order to get the site to fully load, I had to “activate” flash in Chrome. Most browsers these days are basically moved away from flash or require some special permission to activate flash. You are seeing your site, but with the flash portion missing. You will either need to allow your browser to load flash elements, install Flash for your browser if available or move your site away from using Flash.

      There is nothing wrong on our end, it is simply that your site is using outdated technologies that are being phased out in browsers making it harder to use.

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