Bounce Rates – A Canary In The Coal Mine.

Consider that people find your website and visit you intentionally. They do that because they are looking for something. They believe that you might provide a service, a product, or information that they seek. Bounce rates show us how many people are immediately discouraged upon arrival or are suddenly convinced that we don’t have what they seek when they first lay eyes on us. Continue reading “Bounce Rates – A Canary In The Coal Mine.” »

5 Ways to Improve Web Page Usability

So you have a website for your business or organization but it seems like its under-performing. Marketing and aesthetics are great but sometimes a websites usability is all too often neglected. Just as easily, you may be getting traffic to your website but have the opposite problem. An easy to use website that’s well developed and poor in appearance can hold you back as well. Unfortunately, if users aren’t having a good experience once they get to your website then its likely they will leave without taking any action. Continue reading “5 Ways to Improve Web Page Usability” »

How to adapt your SEO to utilize speech recognition.

Do you own a business and want to make sure your business is available to as many potential customers as possible? As technology changes so will the ways in which your customers will find what they are looking for. Continue reading “How to adapt your SEO to utilize speech recognition.” »

3 Ways to Market Your Website Without Spending a Penny.

These 3 simple tricks can make a huge difference in the success of your online business. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, following these 3 suggestions will help grow traffic and establish your credibility over the competition. Continue reading “3 Ways to Market Your Website Without Spending a Penny.” »

5 Common Ways to Meet Other Professionals in Your Industry

The benefits of a strong professional network are many fold. People in your network may introduce you to jobs or opportunities that you wouldn’t find otherwise but how do we best build these professional networks? Continue reading “5 Common Ways to Meet Other Professionals in Your Industry” »

6 Surprising Online Trends in Marketing To Watch

As time passes new trends emerge and old ones retreat. Today we are going to briefly cover a few of these changes and trends that jump out as a little interesting and sometimes even a little surprising. Continue reading “6 Surprising Online Trends in Marketing To Watch” »

What is a sales funnel?

One of the most important strategies in marketing is the concept of a sales funnel. The concept is a simple one. It is a map of how you take a person who is completely ignorant of your products or services and move them closer towards and eventually past the point of sale. Continue reading “What is a sales funnel?” »

Increasing your web traffic organically

Without traffic our websites will starve. Conversions are important too but conversion is the end of our customers journey to find us. The last part of a story that starts with how they heard of you, how they learned more about you, how they considered you and how they finally chose you. Continue reading “Increasing your web traffic organically” »

Save Time and Automate Your WordPress

Managing a WordPress site can be time consuming. Comments, social media, and blog content can take a lot of your time. Today we are going to go over the various ways to automate what we can and take a little of our time back each day. Continue reading “Save Time and Automate Your WordPress” »

How to Build a News Aggregation Site With WordPress

A news aggregation site is great way to bring content from all over the internet and assemble it in one place. They can help us sift through things and keep up to date on specific subjects. Today we are going to learn how to simply and easily make our own using WordPress. Continue reading “How to Build a News Aggregation Site With WordPress” »