6 Surprising Online Trends in Marketing To Watch

As time passes new trends emerge and old ones retreat. Today we are going to briefly cover a few of these changes and trends that jump out as a little interesting and sometimes even a little surprising. 

1. Smartphone sales are slowing down.

In 2017, 7% fewer smartphones were shipped globally than were shipped in all of 2015.

The number of bases installed for smartphones indicated how many more are in use compared to how many are sold. This number dropped from 25% to 12% in 2016.

2. We are using our devices online more and more.

In 2015 we spent 5 and a half hours online on our mobile device. In 2016 that number went up by about 20 minutes a year on average. The increase is believed to by related to the adoption of voice technology for web browsing.

3. Mobile web advertising is growing

Mobile ad revenue recently grew by 22%, surpassing desktop ad revenue. There is so many ways to engage viewers by mobile that search and social media have really fueled this change in emphasis. Ultimately, videos and online advertising really are looking to continue to see a rise in popularity in the current year.

4. Internet ad revenue is on top

Internet advertising revenue has been more prevalent in the US than other forms of advertising. Television, radio or print just seemingly can’t keep up anymore.

5. Google and Facebook

Facebook saw increases in advertising revenue climb by over 62% while Google say over 20% growth. That is huge news since other online advertising is collectively seeing around a 9% growth. Google made 35 billion dollars just in advertising in 2016!

6. Ad-Blocking is growing in popularity.

Customers and viewers don’t like to be blasted with ads. Not that they ever did but in the past we were all collectively more lenient in our acceptance of them or at least lest vigilant in eliminating them with ad-blocking tools. Well, not anymore. Ad blocking is become much more prevalent and with it a lot of companies are getting concerned about continuing to monetize their content.