3 Ways to Market Your Website Without Spending a Penny.

These 3 simple tricks can make a huge difference in the success of your online business. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, following these 3 suggestions will help grow traffic and establish your credibility over the competition.


Use Google Keyword Planner to get the very best keywords. Remember to focus on your niche. Long keywords are better than shorter ones if you are struggling in broad categories. Low competition keywords will give you the opportunity to stick out of the crowd, try to focus your energy on high search queries with high frequency and low competition. Add the keywords you select to the title, headings, content and meta description. Include the keyword in the picture tag and alt tag. Using good SEO practices is a free way to make an impact in your traffic patterns.

Social Media

Create accounts, interact with potential and current customers and make a mark. You can create lasting impressions that can have instant results this way. Social media has become an incredible platform for advertisers. Consider doing a giveaway or some contests. Start with opening a Facebook or Twitter and the branch out into Pintrest, Instagram, and others.


A good way to make an impact is to demonstrate that your website is trustworthy. You can do that by getting other websites to link to your site. Guest blogging, forum posting, link exchanges, and news articles are the best ways to prove to search engines that you aren’t a low ranking, low quality source of information. Create lots of links that are relevant to the readership, and use the keywords and phrases you want to gain a relationship with. Just be sure not to create too many all at once or search engines will ban you. Slow but steady wins the race.