3 Reasons The Cloud is Critical to Small Business

Studies have shown that the mass of businesses adopting cloud related solutions has impacted more than just collaboration, analytics, and accounting. The ways we build customer relationships and the very core of our business models is changing as well. 

Cloud enabled small businesses engage their customers better, faster and are generally more innovative. The core of their business models typically depend on speed, flexibility, customer engagement and integrating securely with their previously existing systems.


The most conservative estimates shows that at least 54% of leading organizations derive insights from big data and are using that data to better target customers, provide better service and to seek out product opportunities more efficiently. Increasingly, massive data sets are needed to analyze a more and more complex stream to stay competitive in any business today.


Having access to the cloud provides small businesses with the same opportunity to grow and innovate as larger companies with bigger budgets, and bigger IT departments. Fifty-two percent of companies have already switched to the cloud for these reasons. Streamlining across geographic boundaries, utilizing faster bandwidths, dynamic and varied storage options, and enjoying the benefits of tighter security are truly game changing opportunities.


Avoiding upfront costs and paying more as you grow is a huge benefit to switching from the old model to the the new. Companies of any shape or size can benefit from seemingly unprecedented abilities to implement their own rapid growth in infrastructure. Growth is now “on demand”. If you want to grow you just simply pay a little more for more services instead of buying a bunch of new hardware, hiring a new team of new people or expanding the old team of people and a lot more. In this way you can become more competitive and better enabled than ever. 

Turn Key Solutions

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