Save Time and Automate Your WordPress

Managing a WordPress site can be time consuming. Comments, social media, and blog content can take a lot of your time. Today we are going to go over the various ways to automate what we can and take a little of our time back each day.


Lets let the computers do the mundane tasks. Boosting productivity is easy when you can get the mindless stuff out of the way in less time.

Comment Spam

Comment spam can be a real bother. Akismet is a popular solution that can filter through the spam and help you free up some time daily. Antispam Bee is another good solution and is similar in both quality and function.

Social Networks

Sending your new posts to all of your social networks automatically is a great corner to cut. Why post the same thing manually over and over when you can do it just once and have it everywhere you want it to be? Sharing your content this way can boost your web traffic as well as improve your social engagement. One of the most widely used is Jetpack.

Post Scheduling

Various plugins such as Automatic post scheduler can greatly help organize your life. With post scheduling you can easily auto schedule your posts. This frees us up to be more concerned with the content and less concerned with how and when its released. Often with plugins like this one you can simply specify how many times a day you would like to post and then afterwards can just click and forget.


Although, it would be unwise to entirely automate this type of thing a little can go a long way. There really isn’t anything out there to do it ALL for you but there are ways to improve your workflow and aid in part of the process of improving your SEO. SEO Smartlinks  is a great plugin that can really be pretty helpful.

Have a favorite automation plugin? Know of a killer tool for enhancing your workflow? Let us know in the comments!