A Simple Explanation Of Lets Encrypt SSL Certificates

Lets Encrypt is a Certificate Authority (otherwise known as a CA) that provides FREE SSL certificates. The intention of giving away these free certificates is to promote a more secure internet and although they are free certificates, they are by no means less safe. Today we are going to talk about the benefits of this type of SSL and when it’s most appropriate to use it.

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What is TCP/IP?

TCP/IP is otherwise known as Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. These protocols are meant to govern devices on the internet and when devices are within a private network.

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What exactly is SMTP?

SMTP is an abbreviation for “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol”. SMTP is a type of accepted protocol which allows different computers to exchange information in a previously agreed upon and understandable way. Through the process of standardization over time we all hope to increase efficiency overall. This protocol improves our lives everyday but you may not have noticed until now.

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