What exactly is SMTP?

SMTP is an abbreviation for “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol”. SMTP is a type of accepted protocol which allows different computers to exchange information in a previously agreed upon and understandable way. Through the process of standardization over time we all hope to increase efficiency overall. This protocol improves our lives everyday but you may not have noticed until now. Continue reading

Announcing our new spam filtering engine!

We are very pleased to announce our all new spam filtering engine, powered by Message Sniffer and Declude! Just over a month ago we dumped our old Cyren anti-spam system for a new, customizable and very powerful anti-spam solution! We worked with about 3 dozen customers who received a large amount of spam and it was clear that our old solution simply was not working. Most of these spam emails were obvious and it was painful to see them getting through without issues. Especially from domain extensions like .top, .download, .stream that send nothing but spam. The cloud-based solution was just letting these emails into people’s inboxes. Annoying for the user, causes extra support tickets and Cyren has had its fair share of problems with its data-centers going offline and routing problems that caused major problems for SmarterMail, including crashing it on occasion.

So with all this, we have set up a new solution that is based on Declude and ARM Research Labs, Message Sniffer. Declude is a filtering engine that has been around for a very long time, nearly 20 years. Declude has proven to be very effective against combating spam using very powerful and customizable rules, RBL checks, DNSBL checks and more. Message Sniffer is another great filtering technology that works by combining forces with other sniffer “nodes” running on mail servers all over the world. By using the data from other mail servers, our local Message Sniffer can quickly update to ward off threats and spam that our mail server has not yet seen or dealt with. Combining these two technologies has almost defeated spam for our test group of customers. With most reporting only receiving only a couple of spam emails per week instead of hundreds.

We are still working to improve these systems to get the number down to zero! Message Sniffer will continue to learn and improve its database on its own over time!

For information on Declude, please review their site at http://www.declude.com/
For information on Message Sniffer, please review their site at http://www.messagesniffer.com/Products/aboutSNF.jsp

We have also improved our reporting of false negative / positive emails – You can check our KB article at https://www.aspnix.com/kb/how-to-report-false-negative-and-false-positive-emails/. Customers reporting misidentified email will further improve the filtering engines and help us build up better rules to fight messages that are harder to identify.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please let us know!

Thank you for choosing ASPnix!

MX01 SmarterMail Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance

We will be updating our MX01 server to the latest build of SmarterMail on Saturday April 2nd at 10PM MST. We expect the upgrade to take about 20 – 30 minutes. This is a new major version, SmarterMail v15 that introduces new features and many improvements!

  • Support for IMAP Quota extension, allows your email client to know your current usage and alert you when you are close to disk space limit or over it
  • Web interface now has a disk space indicator bar that gives you a quick glance of your disk space usage
  • Improvements to ActiveSync
  • Major improvements to handling contacts
  • Major improvements to Exchange Web Services
  • Numerous other improvements

Along with many other improvements and fixes. For full changelog and release notes, please visit the SmarterTools site at https://www.smartertools.com/smartermail/release-notes

Scheduled Date: 04-03-2016
Scheduled Time:
 4:00 AM – 4:30 AM UTC
Max Outage Duration: 30 Minutes

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our support department.

Thank you again for choosing ASPnix as your web hosting provider!

SmarterMail and Outlook.com – Making the choice for your email hosting

Selecting an email host is a decision many people make without much research. How hard can it be, right? Try typing “email host” into your search engine and you will quickly find that your selection is not as clear cut as you might have thought. The variety of options might now look overwhelming. We are here to make your decision a little quicker, easier, and more informed.

SmarterMail vs. Outlook.com

Outlook.com is one of the popular options for email hosting. It is free and is a common selection for private users, carrying the benefits of familiarity. However, being that it is a free option, clearly Outlook.com is not able to offer the same features as an exchange-level mail server. With a modern set up and basic organization tools, Outlook.com is a good option for personal use and rarely produces cause for complaint.

However when it comes to time-saving fea tures, efficiency, and a business-professional program, you are going to want to look a little further.

64-largeOutlook.com may keep spam levels in your inbox around 3%, but the built-in anti-spam Message Sniffer offered in SmarterMail protects you from just over 99% of spam. Outlook.com might be free, but SmarterMail’s affordable price is more than worthwhile.

The features offered in SmarterMail are designed to make your day-to-day business communication and organizations smooth and effortless.

Planning an event with multiple people? SmarterMail can sync your calendar with calendars shared with you, offering easy coordination at a glance. Additionally, with a checkmark system, you can choose to view native and shared tasks, contacts, and notes simultaneously. Headaches over availability and planning are a thing of the past.

Included in SmarterMail’s email server is our fully integrated instant message system. This allows you and your domain users instant communication. Quick and convenient, it keeps you up-to-date on co-worker availability and promotes speedy communication without the hassle of group emails or not knowing if your message has been received. Outlook.com offers a similar feature, but it only works if your contacts are synced with Skype. SmarterMail’s system is connected with the email host so that, regardless of other programs, all your users will have access to it.

Another helpful feature SmarterMail offers is the disposable alias option for when you need to sign up briefly for a website or newsletter but don’t want to increase your spam. At the end of a time limit, the randomly assigned address expires and your inbox remains as spam-free as before!

Still not convinced? SmarterMail offers all the features listed above and more! Try out a demo trial run to see if it fits for you. Some features have been disabled for security purposes, but you will still get an excellent idea of SmarterMail’s benefits!

For a business, the ideal server is one with a more professional front without distracting ads, with quick communication, with excellent security protocol, and which connects calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes from any location. SmarterMail offers only the best.