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  • Does the Braintree Payment Gateway support tokenized storage or remote storage?

    No comments February 2nd, 2020 189

    No, our module is a direct server-to-server module that relies on storing the customer’s card details within your WHMCS database to process card payments. The card details are stored securely using the WHMCS encryption system. For more information about how the card details are store, please contact WHMCS support.

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  • After uploading a module, I receive a corrupted file message. Why?

    No comments December 6th, 2018 757

    The main cause of this is due to the installed ionCube loader being too old and not recognizing the encoded script. Please check with your hosting provider to see what version of ionCube is installed. You can also view this using WHMCS by going to “Utilities” => “System” => “PHP Info” – You an find the ionCube loader version under the “Zend Engine” logo.

    Please note that all modules require ionCube loader v10.1.x or higher to run.

    The other cause is uploading files in ASCII mode instead of binary. Please make sure your file transfer client is uploading files in binary mode.

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  • How do I override the fee calculation for the Braintree module?

    No comments January 4th, 2018 1385

    By default, our Braintree Credit/Debit processing gateway module uses their standard rate of 2.9% + $0.30. If your merchant account uses these rates, you do not need to override the fee calculations.

    Create a file called fee.php and place in WHMCSROOT/modules/gateways/braintree with the following contents…

    <?php if (!defined('WHMCS')) exit('ACCESS DENIED');
    function braintree_override_fee()
        return ['rate' => 2.9, 'fixed' => 0.30];

    Replace the 2.9 value with your merchant account rate (EG 3.2), replace the 0.30 value with your merchant account fixed rate (EG 0.75). Save the file to the location specified above. Do not add any symbols such as % or $, use standard decimal places as shown above.

    Please note that this is affects ALL merchant accounts processed with the Braintree module, even if you have multiple merchant accounts / currencies defined.

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  • What do error code(s) 81703 and 91577 mean? How do I fix these errors?

    No comments April 18th, 2017 1885

    ERROR_1 => Code: 91577 Message: Merchant account does not support payment instrument.
    ERROR_2 => Code: 81703 Message: Credit card type is not accepted by this merchant account.

    Seeing an error similar to the ones shown above means that your WHMCS system is attempting to process a card type that is not accepted by your Braintree account. For example, a customer pays with an AMEX card, but your Braintree account only allows VISA and Discover.

    To fix this, you will need to contact Braintree to discuss adding other card types to your account. You should also only select the card types allowed by your Braintree account in your WHMCS installation’s “Invoice” tab under the “General Settings” option. The line item is titled “Accepted Credit Card Types”.

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  • How do I use the fraud protection included with my Braintree merchant account?

    No comments June 25th, 2015 2725

    For more information on how the fraud protection through Braintree works and how to enable it within your account, please review their support article here –

    To enable fraud protection in our module, please follow the steps below…

    1. Activate Advanced Fraud Tools in your Braintree account – Guide Here
    2. From the WHMCS administrator, open, Setup => Payments => Payment Gateways
    3. Find your Braintree gateway settings
    4. Check / Enable “Enable Advanced Fraud”
    5. Press “Save Changes”
    6. From the WHMCS administrator, open, Setup => Addon Modules
    7. Activate the “Braintree Advanced Fraud Helper” addon module (No permissions need to be set or applied for this module)
    8. You are done!

    To test, submit a credit card payment, then check the WHMCS Gateway Log output, find the transaction for the payment you just completed, you should see a field called [riskData] with 2 fields below it called [id] and [decision].

    What if I do not know my credit card form DOM id?

    Open your client area template creditcard.tpl and viewcart.tpl file with your favorite HTML editor and find the credit card <form> and find the id=”….” the …. will be the DOM id of your form. If your form does not have an id=”….”, you will need to add one to it. If you are unsure how to do this, please contact your web developer. For example, you could add id=”cc-payment_form” then your DOM id name would be cc-payment_form.

    If you have any questions about this, please contact our WHMCS Module support department and we will be glad to assist you!

    As of Braintree Module release v1.1.2 the form ID is found automatically. If your checkout / credit card forms do not have an id set, you will need to contact your web developer to get this fixed. The <form … id=”…”> must be set in order for the Braintree data library to inject the required form data.

    ASPnix provides no warranty and is not responsible for any errors that occur from editing or altering your templates / WHMCS settings.

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  • Are multiple currencies supported by the Braintree Payment Gateway module?

    No comments September 20th, 2014 2967

    Yes, our module fully supports multiple currencies through multiple Braintree merchant accounts. In order to use multiple currencies you will need to contact Braintree to get more information on having multiple merchant accounts. Each merchant would have a different id which you would supply in the payment gateway “Merchant Currencies” field. Please note that the “Merchant ID” field will still contain your primary merchant account id.


    Your Merchant Currencies field would look like the above example. Each currency and merchant id is on its own line in the format CURRENCY:MERCHANT_ACCOUNT_ID. Our module will automatically find the correct merchant ID to use based on the customer’s selected currency.

    Note that you will need a merchant id for each currency your WHMCS system supports.

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  • Is PCI Compliance required to use the Braintree Payment Gateway module?

    No comments September 20th, 2014 2955

    Yes. Per their (Braintree) requirements, you must be PCI compliant. If you are not PCI compliant will not be able to accept and store credit card payments. Our module uses direct server-to-server communications to send client credit card details to the Braintree services for processing. Our module is designed to work alongside WHMCS’ encrypted Credit/Debit card storage to enable automatic recurring billing / automatic invoice payments. This also enables a more “seemless” transaction for your clients as their are no iFrames or redirections etc.

    Our module enables your WHMCS installation to accept Credit/Debit card information right on your site without having to be redirected to a 3rd party client or without the use of a 3rd party popup window etc. This enables a more seamless and professional appearance for your clients.

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  • How do I install the Braintree Gateway for WHMCS?

    8 comments September 20th, 2014 3738

    Below are the steps required to install and activate the Braintree Payment Gateway module for WHMCS…

    1. Download the latest build of the Braintree module and our licensing system for your WHMCS version
    2. Extract and upload the files to your WHMCS web root / document root
      1. Make sure you also upload the ASPnix licensing system to your WHMCS root as well!
    3. Navigate to your WHMCS administrator area and select Setup => Payments => Payment Gateways
    4. Activate the Braintree gateway
    5. Input your Braintree merchant ID, public and private keys as well as your ASPnix product license
    6. Click “Save Changes”
    7. Under your Braintree “Processing Settings” find the “Custom Fields” section and click “Add New”
    8. You will need to add 2 custom fields; invoice_id and user_id per the screenshots below

    HIGHLY recommend that you test in a sandbox environment first, note that the API details for sandbox and production are different.

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  • What are the requirements for the Braintree Payment Gateway module?

    No comments September 20th, 2014 3254

    The requirements are listed below. The module may work under different conditions, but has only been tested by our developers in these scenarios. This article assumes that your system, server and PHP installation meets the requirements of WHMCS itself. Their requirements can be found here

    System Requirements

    • Clear understanding of using WHMCS as well as uploading, installing and configuring addons and gateways
    • PHP 5.6 or higher
    • WHMCS 7.x (we do not provide support alpha, beta or release candidate builds)
    • OpenSSL (or any SSL library) w/ TLS 1.2+ support
    • Ioncube loader v10.1.x or higher

    PHP Extension Requirements

    • cURL w/ TLS 1.2+ support
    • DOM
    • Hash
    • OpenSSL

    Braintree Requirements

    • A Braintree Merchant Account – If you do not have one, you may sign up here
    • Verify that your Braintree Merchant account accepts credit/debit cards
    • PCI Compliant – For more information, see their FAQ

    Requirements Test Script

    We offer a PHP script that will quickly and easily check your PHP and WHMCS installation for any missing requirements, the tool can be downloaded here –


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  • What are the licensing terms for the Braintree Payment Gateway module?

    No comments September 20th, 2014 2858

    This product is licensed as a one-time purchase. No monthly or annual fees apply to this product to use the product, however there is an annual renewal fee for continued support and upgrades. The license is valid for use on one WHMCS installation only. If you move your WHMCS installation to a new IP address, change the path of the WHMCS installation or change the domain name that your WHMCS installation is running under your license will need to be re-issued so that it may activate under the new location.

    If you have any questions about the licensing of this product, please contact our sales team!

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