Is PCI Compliance required to use the Braintree Payment Gateway module?

Yes. Per their (Braintree) requirements, you must be PCI compliant. If you are not PCI compliant will not be able to accept and store credit card payments. Our module uses direct server-to-server communications to send client credit card details to the Braintree services for processing. Our module is designed to work alongside WHMCS’ encrypted Credit/Debit card storage to enable automatic recurring billing / automatic invoice payments. This also enables a more “seemless” transaction for your clients as their are no iFrames or redirections etc.

Our module enables your WHMCS installation to accept Credit/Debit card information right on your site without having to be redirected to a 3rd party client or without the use of a 3rd party popup window etc. This enables a more seamless and professional appearance for your clients.