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  • Are multiple currencies supported by the Braintree Payment Gateway module?

    No comments September 20th, 2014 1350

    Yes, our module fully supports multiple currencies through multiple Braintree merchant accounts. In order to use multiple currencies you will need to contact Braintree to get more information on having multiple merchant accounts. For example if you wanted to accept payments in the following currencies, USD, GBP, EUR, you would need to have 3 different merchant accounts. Each merchant account would have a different ID which you would supply in the payment gateway “Merchant ID” field. By default you only enter a single merchant ID, to accept multiple currencies, please see the example below…


    Your Merchant ID field would look like the above example. Each merchant ID / Currency is seperated by a comma in the format MERCHANT_ID|CURRENCY. Our module will automatically determine the correct merchant ID to use based on the customer’s selected currency.

    Note that you will need a merchant account for each currency your WHMCS system supports.

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