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  • How do I install the Apple Pay Gateway for WHMCS?

    No comments September 21st, 2016 1040

    Below are the steps required to install and activate the Apple Pay Payment Gateway module for WHMCS…

    Braintree / Apple Configuration

    Please follow the steps outlined in the Braintree article here –

    ASPnix Module / WHMCS Configuration

    1. Download the latest build of the Coinbase module and our licensing system
    2. Extract and upload the files to your WHMCS web root / document root
      1. Make sure you also upload the ASPnix licensing system to your WHMCS root as well!
    3. Navigate to your WHMCS administrator area and select Setup => Payments => Payment Gateways
    4. Activate the Apple Pay gateway
    5. Input your Braintree merchant ID, public and private keys, your Apple Pay merchant ID as well as your ASPnix product license
    6. Click “Save Changes”
    7. Under your Braintree “Processing Settings” find the “Custom Fields” section and click “Add New”
    8. You will need to add 2 custom fields; invoice_id and user_id per the screenshots below

    HIGHLY recommend that you test in a sandbox environment first, note that the API details for sandbox and production are different.

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  • What are the requirements for the Apple Pay Payment Gateway module?

    No comments September 19th, 2016 1161

    The requirements are listed below. The module may work under different conditions, but has only been tested by our developers in these scenarios. This article assumes that your system, server and PHP installation meets the requirements of WHMCS itself. Their requirements can be found here

    System Requirements

    • Clear understanding of using WHMCS as well as uploading, installing and configuring addons and gateways
    • PHP 5.6 or higher
    • WHMCS 7.x (we do not support alpha, beta or release candidate builds)
    • OpenSSL (or any SSL library) w/ TLS 1.1+ support
    • Ioncube loader v10.1.x or higher

    PHP Extension Requirements

    • cURL w/ TLS 1.1+ support
    • DOM
    • Hash
    • OpenSSL

    Apple Requirements

    • An Apple Developer account – If you do not have one, you may signup / purchase here
    • macOS Sierra or higher with a paired iPhone running iOS 10 or later that supports Apple Pay
    • Any iPhone / iPad running iOS 10 or later that supports Apple Pay
    • To use the sandbox for payments, you must be signed into an Apple sandbox account on both the Mac and the paired iPhone

    Braintree Requirements

    • A Braintree Merchant Account – If you do not have one, you may sign up here
    • Verify that your Braintree Merchant account Apple Pay

    Apple Pay for Web requires macOS Sierra running Safari. Apple Pay will also work when paying with an iPhone or an iPad that supports Apple Pay and is configured for Apple Pay. Payments using macOS Sierra through Safari will require an connected iPhone to complete and approve the payment using Touch or Face ID. Please note that the iOS device must be running iOS 10.

    Requirements Test Script

    We offer a PHP script that will quickly and easily check your PHP and WHMCS installation for any missing requirements, the tool can be downloaded here –

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  • Apple Pay Payment Gateway Module changelog & release details

    No comments September 19th, 2016 1143

    Version 1.1.9 - Released 02.12.2018

    Updated the Braintree core libraries to the latest build
    Updated Braintree JS references to the latest builds

    Continue reading “Apple Pay Payment Gateway Module changelog & release details” »

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  • What are the licensing terms for the Apple Pay Payment Gateway module?

    No comments September 19th, 2016 1067

    This product is licensed as a one-time purchase. No monthly or annual fees apply to this product. The license is valid for use on one WHMCS installation only. If you move your WHMCS installation to a new IP address, change the path of the WHMCS installation or change the domain name that your WHMCS installation is running under your license will need to be re-issued so that it may activate under the new location.

    If you have any questions about the licensing of this product, please contact our sales team!

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