How do I install the Apple Pay Gateway for WHMCS?

Below are the steps required to install and activate the Apple Pay Payment Gateway module for WHMCS…

Braintree / Apple Configuration

Please follow the steps outlined in the Braintree article here –

ASPnix Module / WHMCS Configuration

  1. Download the latest build of the Coinbase module and our licensing system
  2. Extract and upload the files to your WHMCS web root / document root
    1. Make sure you also upload the ASPnix licensing system to your WHMCS root as well!
  3. Navigate to your WHMCS administrator area and select Setup => Payments => Payment Gateways
  4. Activate the Apple Pay gateway
  5. Input your Braintree merchant ID, public and private keys, your Apple Pay merchant ID as well as your ASPnix product license
  6. Click “Save Changes”
  7. Under your Braintree “Processing Settings” find the “Custom Fields” section and click “Add New”
  8. You will need to add 2 custom fields; invoice_id and user_id per the screenshots below

    [singlepic id=72 w=320 h=240 float=left] [singlepic id=73 w=320 h=240 float=right]

HIGHLY recommend that you test in a sandbox environment first, note that the API details for sandbox and production are different.