Minecraft Update for Duel-Wielding

minecraftMinecraft Update 1.9 now allows your character to fully utilize both arms. This might not sound like much, but it will dramatically enhance your method of playing. Now you can grasp a sword in one hand and a shield in the other or dig tunnels while placing a road. This will simplify the building process and allow for more efficient multi-tasking, eliminating the need to toggle between tools for simple tasks.

As you try this out for yourself, note that the system recognizes a main hand and an off-hand. The automatic setting is the right hand for the main and the left for the off-hand, but this can be switched under Skin Customization for those who favor playing left-handed.

This is useful in more than just combat situations, where it provides convenience and efficiency. A user can also utilize the dual wielding option during eating, mining, and building.

How does this work? On the bottom right side of the player avatar, you will find a slot with a shield outline, which represents the off-hand slot. Anything you place there should appear in your character’s left hand (on the default setting). For speedy use, press “F” to equip your left-hand and switch items out of your inventory into that hand.

You can use the item in your off-hand while your right hand is empty or unusable. The main hand always takes priority. Two actions cannot be completed simultaneously, as there is always a slight delay between using the first and second hand. While empty, the off-hand is invisible in first-person.

This update is exciting and useful. It does remain optional, as you can choose to ignore the addition of the off-hand and play as before. The choice stays up to the player to decide what is the most convenient and useful method to employ.

The Benefits of Minecraft Game Server Hosting

There are many benefits of renting a server to play Minecraft on instead of hosting it independently on your own computer. The game process takes up a significant amount of space on RAM, CPU, and bandwidth, not to mention the strain that multiple players will have on the speed of your internet connection. Odds are you will end up lagging and spending your time frustrated instead of enjoying the game with your friends.

minecraft-blockA Minecraft hosting server is built specifically to maintain that high activity, with fast internet connections and uptime improvements. This is a much less stressful option in comparison to owning your own Minecraft server host, which would require an extensive understanding of networking computers as well as having to leave your host computer turned on and connected to the internet at all times – which can lead to overheating and other complications.

Minecraft hosting servers are specifically built to support smooth gameplay and make your experience headache free.

Our game servers are affordable and have a 14 day money-back guarantee. All our servers have as standard features SSD-based RAID storage, multicraft Control Panel, unlimited storage, no overselling, unlimited slots and more!

While there is no limit on the amount of players who can join your server, we offer recommendations for the optimal number of members for each increment of RAM.  Each of these recommendations has been tested internally to ascertain the best performance level to support that amount of players.

We offer many benefits and options for optimizing your gaming experience.  The bottom line is that our Minecraft hosting server gives you a lag-free, headache-free, fast, and fun gameplay with your friends!

Make the best out of your Minecraft multiplayer experience at ASPnix

minecraft-blockFor the creatively inclined, there are few games that’ll satisfy as much as Minecraft, a sandbox style video game where you get to create anything from simple structures to environments to castles. In either single or multiplayer, you play as a character in virtual world made of blocks where you collect resources and use them to build, survive, fight, and collaborate with other players. For you socially incline gamers, you can even host your own multiplayer experience by joining a game server or creating your own.

Minecraft has a long history of development. It is the brainchild of video game developer, Markus Persson, has been acquired by Microsoft, and its current development is headed by designer, Jens Bergensten. The Minecraft you’ve come to know was in part influenced by Infiniminer, also a sandbox video game that pinned players against each other in competition.
Markus saw the potential in the ability to manipulate the environment in a virtual block based video game so he developed is own and released Classic mode in 2009. Classic mode branches off into Creative and Survival. Creative allows you to use blocks of different compositions to build to your heart’s content: cities, palaces, environments, characters—if you’ve got the imagination for it, you can make it happen. In fact, it’s the freedom of Creative mode that draws many players to Minecraft in the first place, given that there are no objectives. In contrast, Survival mode is just that—survival. As the player, you need to fend off hunger, build structures for defense, forage for supplies, and battle enemies. After that, Minecraft went through more phases of development in order to become what it is today. Millions of players around the world share the experience, including and especially with each other on multiplayer servers.

To add an extra dimension of fun, Minecraft multiplayer enables you to join another server or host your own. No doubt, some of you have already collaborated with other players in Creative feats or fended off Creeper attacks in Survival mode. Remember that a server allows you to connect to other people on Minecraft. The thing about joining another person’s server is that you never know what the rules are going to be, whether you’ll enjoy the in-game economy, or the other players are your kind of people. That’s why some of you have used or are thinking about using our Minecraft hosting platform. Renting your Minecraft server at ASPnix makes you the master of your own domain.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Having control over who you interact with; invite friends and family to play in your world
  • Unlimited slots; some hosting companies will limit the number of players you can have in your server but with us, you can invite have unlimited players.
  • Controlling the rules; you decide how the in-game economy works, what the social rules are, who can go where and build what
  • Multicraft Control Panel – user friendly, comprehensive set of controls over your server
  • Installing your own mods and plugins; customize the gameplay experience and your control over it

We offer a variety of affordable server hosting plans and packages to meet your needs. So feel free to browse around and see what works for you; we’re ready for any questions!