5 Ways to Improve Web Page Usability

So you have a website for your business or organization but it seems like its under-performing. Marketing and aesthetics are great but sometimes a websites usability is all too often neglected. Just as easily, you may be getting traffic to your website but have the opposite problem. An easy to use website that’s well developed and poor in appearance can hold you back as well. Unfortunately, if users aren’t having a good experience once they get to your website then its likely they will leave without taking any action. Continue reading

What is a sales funnel?

One of the most important strategies in marketing is the concept of a sales funnel. The concept is a simple one. It is a map of how you take a person who is completely ignorant of your products or services and move them closer towards and eventually past the point of sale. Continue reading

Increasing your web traffic organically

Without traffic our websites will starve. Conversions are important too but conversion is the end of our customers journey to find us. The last part of a story that starts with how they heard of you, how they learned more about you, how they considered you and how they finally chose you. Continue reading

5 Ways to Convert Leads Into Sales

Leads on their own wont typically turn into sales just for arriving at your page. Often our visitors need a little extra help before we start to see a rise in sales. In the article below we are going to go over a few ways in which we can help improve our sales numbers online. Continue reading

8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Online Traffic Without Even Mentioning Email

As a smaller business its often hard to exist in the same market as so many of your bigger competitors. Without huge budgets and stacks of resources its difficult to drum up new ways to drive traffic towards our sites. Without traffic we can’t create leads, without leads we can’t create sales and without sales we won’t be very successful. This article will cover a few ways to help improve your web traffic. Continue reading

Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing!

Ever wanted to make money from your website? Maybe you have dreamed about making money from a podcast or from your blog. If you have ever wondered how product reviews, or tutorials on YouTube could generate steady income, or wondered how to make money on social media, you are in the right place. Continue reading

What should you include while devising your marketing plan?

When it comes time to formulate a plan to work from I hope you will find this list helpful. As you form and organize your own concepts, feel free to stray from it based on your own needs. Ultimately, this list is meant as a starting point to a healthy plan. Lets begin. Continue reading

How do we understand our strengths and our weaknesses?

Begin forming your strategy with an honest and rigorous look at what your failings are. Being able to see what you are best at is often much easier than coming to terms with your failures.  You can derive a good honest look in the mirror by asking for a little help from your customers.  Do a little market research on your current customers. Form an honest model of their opinions and take a good long look. Continue reading