8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Online Traffic Without Even Mentioning Email

As a smaller business its often hard to exist in the same market as so many of your bigger competitors. Without huge budgets and stacks of resources its difficult to drum up new ways to drive traffic towards our sites. Without traffic we can’t create leads, without leads we can’t create sales and without sales we won’t be very successful. This article will cover a few ways to help improve your web traffic.


I bet you knew that Facebook could be used as an advertisement platform but did you know that you can use it as a way to return traffic that have already been to your blog or website? Installing Facebook tracking pixel on your site will allow you to remarket your brand to as few as 100 previous visitors.


Twitter, much like Facebook has a pixel that once installed can be used in the same ways. Twitter unfortunately has a higher minimum on their services. Twitter provides service targeted towards 500 people and up.

Fix your headlines

Studies have shown that the vast majority of people will only ever read headlines. Focus your energy on making them better. They should be the best part of your ads.

Blog more

Seriously, blogs do increase traffic. There are plenty of successful people who swear by them because of this fact. The best way to maximize your blogs exposure is to leverage them across your social media accounts. Make sure your social media accounts are all sharing your links and spreading awareness about everything on your blog.

Blog Exchange

Find bloggers who write about similar content. Find others in your same industry and are about the same size. Reach out to their editors or site admins. Ask if they would be interested in featuring some of your articles in exchange for featuring some of theirs. It could be a nice way to expose your brand to new traffics.

Contribute to other sites.

Forums are a great place to help others. So is YouTube. Make and share content to help others while you share your brand and inevitably people will come back to you.

Consider producing a webinar.

Round up a few guests or maybe just do one by yourself and teach about something you know a lot about. Any topic could work if done well.

Start a Podcast.

Podcasting is a great way to generate interesting content and also demonstrating your own expertise. A customer that finds you this way is likely to trust you a lot more than one who just follows an advertisement or finds you by accident. Consider interviewing someone with a larger fan-base.