How can AI help my WordPress Site?

With the continuous growth of new AI plugins available for WordPress, there are a lot of instances where AI and machine learning is making its mark on the average WordPress user. In this article we will very loosely discuss a few places in which we are seeing common trends and potential instances in which we could see these new plugins growing into a part of our daily workflow. 


Personal communication is a key component in any business model and the internet isn’t any different. Standing out from the competition is easiest when you can first identify yourself as a strong communicator and make a positive impact whenever possible. Chatbots have begun to take over mobile and desktop web applications in a lot of communications roles. When used well they can help customers to make the right decisions and find the products that they want. Beware though, they are only as helpful as their limitations allow. Not every customer wants to talk to your bot instead of a person. That said, like any tool it has a right way to use it, and a wrong way. When used well a chatbot or virtual assistant can be used as a powerful tool for lead generation and a way to showcase your most engaging content.

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Another key component of communications is recommendations. If you have ever used Amazon and seen the recommendations based on the purchases you have made or the products you have recently been interested in you might already be familiar. This type of use can really be a great tool for stimulating interest and increasing sales. Simply by getting the right products in front of the right customer you can really make an impact in your sales.


A constant concern of every webmaster is security. With newer and smarter security tools, old threats can be avoided or diminished. Threats such as brute force attacks can be identified and interrupted. With machine learning malware can be spotted and suspicious files or behaviors can be monitored. Being able to engage, identify and react to a threat is becoming easier partially because of common developments in AI. By developing tools that can keep a watchful eye for suspicious activity and react when the need arises, the whole of the industry keeps moving towards a safer future.

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The last category that needs to be addressed is automation. AI can replace a lot of the repetition in your daily work. There are plugins to automatically write meta descriptions by scanning an image and determining which words would describe it best. There are even tools meant to find stock images rapidly while you type out the content of your newest newsletter or blog. These tools can help you save time and energy searching for relevant imagery. There are also layout plugins available. These can give suggestions based on user interactions. For instance if a button might have more success a little lower down on the page, or a body of text is too long and isn’t being read.

Ultimately, there are a ton of new tools available to us and more are coming. We can look forward to a lot of great things in the near future.