5 Ways to Convert Leads Into Sales

Leads on their own wont typically turn into sales just for arriving at your page. Often our visitors need a little extra help before we start to see a rise in sales. In the article below we are going to go over a few ways in which we can help improve our sales numbers online.


Try offering a free gift, a time sensitive discount or a free add-on to their purchase. Everyone loves free stuff. Furthermore, when a deal is about to expire a customer who is otherwise on the fence may feel inclined to make their choice sooner rather than later.

Return On Investment

Don’t forget to remind your customer if or when your product or service has the potential to help them earn more. If your customer stands to gain from the purchase in this way its smart to politely remind them.

Follow up

Follow up emails, phone calls, letters, etc. can make a noticeable impact. Sometimes a customer may have remaining questions that can be addressed easily in a follow up conversation. Busy customers might need to be reminded, or have lost track of their previous intentions. Simply reaching out can have a great impact for a number of reason. Regardless, do your best not to lose touch and you will see a noticeable difference.


Ask questions. You can’t offer them what they are looking for if you don’t even know what they want. As a prompt to move the conversation forward questions are a great way to keep opening up the dialogue in a positive, friendly way. Concerns might come up or needs might arise that you cant possibly fulfill without asking what your customer wants. Just helping many people find what they want is sometimes all that’s necessary. It never hurts to ask and to listen.

Find What is Painful. Remove it.

Identify what a customer wants to achieve and then offer them all of the steps necessary to arrive at that goal. Remove every obstacle possible for them. Whenever possible provide solutions where you can. Ultimately, the closer they are to achieving their goal, the more likely they will be to complete their purchase and achieve it. The more likely their success, the more likely their purchase from you will be, and the happier they will be in the end.