Coming Soon – SmarterMail 16

We are very pleased to announce that SmarterMail v16 is just around the corner! Not weeks away… DAYS!!! SmarterMail v16 has been rewritten from the ground up, given a completely fresh and redesigned interface and our favorite feature so far! The ability to have live meetings online using chat as well as video, even a live drawing board, share files and more!

SmarterMail v16 has a brand new fully API driven design that can allow developers access to all functions of SmarterMail, even the ability to write full features desktop and mobile clients around the SmarterMail API!

Check out some of the screenshots we’ve captured to give an idea of how much SmarterMail has changed!

Past major upgrades have been applied usually pretty quickly by our systems admin team, however, with this being a major rewrite of the SmarterMail code base, we may sit the launch out for a few minor releases just to make sure all issues are caught by early adopters. The upgrade will depend though on reports that we see on their forums as well as speaking to their support to decide how others upgrades and launches are going.

Rest assured though, ASPnix will be upgrading to the latest and greatest of SmarterMail very soon!

MX01 SmarterMail Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance

We will be updating our MX01 server to the latest build of SmarterMail on Saturday April 2nd at 10PM MST. We expect the upgrade to take about 20 – 30 minutes. This is a new major version, SmarterMail v15 that introduces new features and many improvements!

  • Support for IMAP Quota extension, allows your email client to know your current usage and alert you when you are close to disk space limit or over it
  • Web interface now has a disk space indicator bar that gives you a quick glance of your disk space usage
  • Improvements to ActiveSync
  • Major improvements to handling contacts
  • Major improvements to Exchange Web Services
  • Numerous other improvements

Along with many other improvements and fixes. For full changelog and release notes, please visit the SmarterTools site at

Scheduled Date: 04-03-2016
Scheduled Time:
 4:00 AM – 4:30 AM UTC
Max Outage Duration: 30 Minutes

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our support department.

Thank you again for choosing ASPnix as your web hosting provider!

SmarterMail and – Making the choice for your email hosting

Selecting an email host is a decision many people make without much research. How hard can it be, right? Try typing “email host” into your search engine and you will quickly find that your selection is not as clear cut as you might have thought. The variety of options might now look overwhelming. We are here to make your decision a little quicker, easier, and more informed.

SmarterMail vs. is one of the popular options for email hosting. It is free and is a common selection for private users, carrying the benefits of familiarity. However, being that it is a free option, clearly is not able to offer the same features as an exchange-level mail server. With a modern set up and basic organization tools, is a good option for personal use and rarely produces cause for complaint.

However when it comes to time-saving fea tures, efficiency, and a business-professional program, you are going to want to look a little further. may keep spam levels in your inbox around 3%, but the built-in anti-spam Message Sniffer offered in SmarterMail protects you from just over 99% of spam. might be free, but SmarterMail’s affordable price is more than worthwhile.

The features offered in SmarterMail are designed to make your day-to-day business communication and organizations smooth and effortless.

Planning an event with multiple people? SmarterMail can sync your calendar with calendars shared with you, offering easy coordination at a glance. Additionally, with a checkmark system, you can choose to view native and shared tasks, contacts, and notes simultaneously. Headaches over availability and planning are a thing of the past.

Included in SmarterMail’s email server is our fully integrated instant message system. This allows you and your domain users instant communication. Quick and convenient, it keeps you up-to-date on co-worker availability and promotes speedy communication without the hassle of group emails or not knowing if your message has been received. offers a similar feature, but it only works if your contacts are synced with Skype. SmarterMail’s system is connected with the email host so that, regardless of other programs, all your users will have access to it.

Another helpful feature SmarterMail offers is the disposable alias option for when you need to sign up briefly for a website or newsletter but don’t want to increase your spam. At the end of a time limit, the randomly assigned address expires and your inbox remains as spam-free as before!

Still not convinced? SmarterMail offers all the features listed above and more! Try out a demo trial run to see if it fits for you. Some features have been disabled for security purposes, but you will still get an excellent idea of SmarterMail’s benefits!

For a business, the ideal server is one with a more professional front without distracting ads, with quick communication, with excellent security protocol, and which connects calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes from any location. SmarterMail offers only the best.

MX01 SmarterMail upgraded (v10.0.4562)

ASPnix is now happy to announce the upgrade of our SmarterMail mail services to the latest version, v10. This new version of SmarterMail includes several new features, performance enhancements and other fixes to further improve your email experience! What is new in v10?

  • Support for Outlook’s Auto-Discovery
  • All new mobile / smartphone web interface
  • Outlook EWS support for Outlook’s Scheduling Assistant
  • Support for Exchange’s Conference Room Scheduling feature
  • Support for remote whipping of ActiveSync devices

We are most excited about the first 2 updates. Support for Outlook’s Auto-Discovery feature means less time users have to spend looking up server settings, checking boxes, typing in server names and other tedious tasks. Simply enter the email address and password and Outlook does the rest!*

The new mobile / smartphone web interface is perfectly optimized for handheld devices! Everything fits nicely on the smaller screens, all background services and files are highly optimized for these smaller devices so that you get a amazing experience on the handheld device too!

As always, thank you for choosing ASPnix as your Windows hosting provider!

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ASPnix Monthly Newsletter – September 2009

Here at ASPnix we have come up with some ideas to help you guys keep up on current and upcoming events. We will be sending newsletters like this each month to provide you with the most up-to-date information on our services, upcoming specials, upgrades and any other information within ASPnix.

This month really marked the launch of the ASPnix 3.0 hosting services with a new and improved and vastly updated control panel, improved and dedicated billing system, new mail server version with many improvements and optional services, and the upgrade of our SmarterStats web stats monitoring service.

Massive Network Upgrades!

This month we will be performing a major upgrade to the ASPnix hosting network. This upgrade will provide us with a multi-provider backbone infrastructure, higher network throughput, and better latency across multiple providers. Our new multi-provider network provides our network with connections to the outside work beyond the Level 3 network. This will also provide us with better redundacy incase the unthinkable happens.

These new providers include:

  • Level 3 Communications
  • Time Warner
  • XO Communications
  • Cogent
  • And others!

Our network upgrade will also introduce new routing hardware to insure that you get the fastest possible connection to our servers network, this hardware will also allow us to provide a network with 100% uptime.

More information about this upgrade will be announced in our blog, and community forums!

Microsoft Hyper-V Upgrade

We will be upgrading all Hyper-V systems to the latest Server 2008 R2 release. This release of Server 2008 is built on the same Windows NT kernel as Windows 7, making it faster and more stable then the initial Server 2008 build. Server 2008 R2 also ships with an upgraded IIS 7 dubbed v7.5. The new IIS7.5 provides better stability, improvements with FASTCGI, and core upgrades.

Server 2008 R2 also has better IO handling, decreased boot times, better processor management for better performance.

New Control Panel Launched

If you have loaded our control panel you have undoubtedly noticed that we upgraded our control panel system to Parallels Helm 4. This control panel marks another milestone in the ASPnix 3.0 services along with a few other upgrades and additions we will discuss later.
Helm 4 was a highly anticipated control panel with several thousand development hours and is a leading control panel for the Windows hosting platform. Helm 4 was rewritten from the ground up in Microsoft’s .NET Framework, a completely new network engine to allow Helm to communicate across the world to any server in any datacenter, and a new module / API to allow for a completely customized hosting control panel solution.
We adopted Helm 4 as our new hosting control panel solution for many reasons:

  • We have been with the Helm control panel solutions since day 1.
  • New API / module system promises the ability to control anything anywhere.
  • Many new features that with Helm 3 was simply not possible.
  • More advanced billing system for reseller clients.
  • Support for newer services natively rather than in compatibility mode.
  • Adding Helm 4 like features in Helm 3 was simply not feasible as ASP and COM has its limitations (especially with newer services)

We do understand that Helm 4 has bugs, issues , and missing features like the Full Trust add-on that our Helm 3 had (this was also a custom add-on), but we are working on these and they will be available soon!

New Billing System Launched

Rather than sticking with Helm’s built in billing system (it is a very nice billing system for a control panel) we decided to go with a dedicated billing system called WHMCS. This new system provides us with many new features that we have longed for including automated domain registrations, transfers and renewals, and automated billing. We had many complaints that our old billing system (Helm 3) did not do automated billing, this has been extinguished with WHMCS as it supports automated credit card billing, and PayPal subscriptions. This system also provides you as a client to manage your registered domains (if they were registered through WHMCS), all your services under 1 billing account (if you have more than 1 hosting service with us). This new system also has a very advanced fraud detection and prevention system in place to help weed out the naughty orders, thus keeping our prices low!
As with all upgrades and new services there will be kinks here and there, if you find one please report it to us!

Mail Servers Upgraded

This month we have upgraded our mail servers to the new and highly anticipated SmarterMail v6! With this upgrade has come many new features and improvements that you as a client and us as your provider have been wanting now for a long time! What sort of features?

  • Microsoft ActiveSync support (This is available now for purchasing) More info below.
  • Super high 97% spam blocking rate out-of-the-box
  • New antivirus engine with higher performance for faster mail delivery and server loads.
  • Message archiving system compliant with HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Advanced Outlook synchronization
  • Better POP3 performance to enhance download speeds.
  • Mailbox migration wizard to aid in importing mail objects from other mail servers.
  • Mailing lists have the ability for automated removal of subscribers on bounced messages.
  • Mailing lists now include unsubscribe links
  • Preview message attachments

There are many, many more features, bug fixes, and enhancements that are part of v6 you can view the full list here
So what is Microsoft’s ActiveSync? Simply put it is a way to push content between your desktop and your Windows Mobile or iPhone handheld device. Synchronize emails, calendars, events, and contacts automatically! This technology also uses less battery life and resources then traditional methods like POP and IMAP. The technology available in SmarterMail is available only for Windows Mobile devices and Apple’s iPhone.

How can I get ActiveSync? ActiveSync is available for $10 USD per month per email account or mailbox you wish to ActiveSync with.

SmarterStats Upgraded

This one has been a long time coming and a much needed upgrade as SmarterStats v3 has not been updated or touched in almost a year. SmarterStats v4 brings many improvements, and features to the table including:

  • View IIS logs from web interface.
  • All charts are now outputted with Microsoft’s Silverlight.
  • Higher level of statistics drill down to now including city names.
  • Redesign in Microsoft’s .NET v3.5 Framework
  • AJAX based call-backs for improved performance without popups.
  • Enhanced and updated browser recognition, including Google’s Chrome, Apple’s iPhone and others.
  • Improved efficiency by caching browser and spider types.

And again, much more has been added and improved, for the full list see here