What to build next with Raspberry Pi

With the newest Raspberry Pi 3 B+ available, a lot of makers and single board developers have rediscovered their love of all things Pi. New and old enthusiasts alike are seeking new projects to explore and build. Here is a run down of a few common suggestions and a lot more less commonly discovered projects that may inspire you. Continue reading “What to build next with Raspberry Pi” »

Build your own $35 Raspberry Pi Ad-blocker

Today we are going to learn how to block ads with a little open source software and a $35 Raspberry Pi. This is a fun, easy project with a practical everyday use. Continue reading “Build your own $35 Raspberry Pi Ad-blocker” »

6 of the Weirdest WordPress Plugins on the Internet

For fun we are reviewing the top 6 strangest WordPress plugins around. They might not help improve your site much, or add to your productivity today but they will certainly give you a chuckle. Continue reading “6 of the Weirdest WordPress Plugins on the Internet” »