6 of the Weirdest WordPress Plugins on the Internet

For fun we are reviewing the top 6 strangest WordPress plugins around. They might not help improve your site much, or add to your productivity today but they will certainly give you a chuckle. 

Asteroids – https://wordpress.org/plugins/asteroids-widget/

In case you or your visitors need to blow off a little steam there is always Asteroids Widget. This clever little gadget gives you the chance to blow up the content of your page by shooting holes in it. Fans of the original asteroids might get a kick out of zooming around and blasting your text to smitherines.

Barrel Rollhttps://wordpress.org/plugins/barrel-roll/

This plugin will actually cause your page to do a barrel roll. When any user on your site types in “do a barrel roll” they will get a surprise. The entire page will roll a full 360 degrees. If thats not strange enough the creators specifically ask that you reach out to them and send them fan poetry.

Hello Darthhttps://wordpress.org/plugins/hello-darth/

Fans of the dark side might enjoy having Darth Vader quotes invade a little of their space. When active it will randomly select Darth Vader quotes (courtesy of IMDB) and will place these quotes in the upper right corner of the admin area.

Captcha Garbhttps://wordpress.org/plugins/captcha-garb/

Looking for a fun alternative way to prove your visitors are in fact real live people and not bots? Try out Captcha Garb, with it you can upload your own images and turn them into puzzles to be solved. If you are not feeling too creative you also have access to 58 puzzle images which are provided for you.

Shoot the Zombiehttps://wordpress.org/plugins/shoot-the-zombie/

Release the zombie apocalypse on your page! When in use a simple shortcode allow you to reveal a button which when pushed bring the dead to life on your screen. Once a zombie pops up you will need to shoot it.

Never Gonna Give You Uphttps://wordpress.org/plugins/never-gonna-give-you-up/

The most ridiculously useless wordpress plugin award goes to this one. When activated it ads the lyrics to the famous Rick Astley Song to the top corner of the admin page. In other words installing this plugin is in a way like rick-rolling yourself.

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