5 Ways to Improve Web Page Usability

So you have a website for your business or organization but it seems like its under-performing. Marketing and aesthetics are great but sometimes a websites usability is all too often neglected. Just as easily, you may be getting traffic to your website but have the opposite problem. An easy to use website that’s well developed and poor in appearance can hold you back as well. Unfortunately, if users aren’t having a good experience once they get to your website then its likely they will leave without taking any action.

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How do we understand our strengths and our weaknesses?

Begin forming your strategy with an honest and rigorous look at what your failings are. Being able to see what you are best at is often much easier than coming to terms with your failures.  You can derive a good honest look in the mirror by asking for a little help from your customers.  Do a little market research on your current customers. Form an honest model of their opinions and take a good long look.

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Blogging In a Nutshell – Part 2

Part 2 of the Blogging in a Nutshell series highlights simple ways to drive traffic to your original solid content. The simplest ways to drive traffic you should already be doing for your website even if you don’t have a blog: submit a (dynamic) sitemap to major search engines, claim your blog on syndication websites and share the articles and content on social media sites.

Blogging In a Nutshell – Part 1

Users have the ability to find the information they want and then able to dismiss irrelevant content faster. So how do you determine when you should post, how often and how to be interesting? There are two primary objectives for blog articles (three in business). There are two primary objectives for blog articles: make a point and encourage discussion among readers. Over the next few days we will briefly discuss in detail how to form original content, followed briefly by means to drive traffic and finally how to foster discussion around your blog articles.