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  • After uploading a module, I receive a corrupted file message. Why?

    No comments December 6th, 2018 601

    The main cause of this is due to the installed ionCube loader being too old and not recognizing the encoded script. Please check with your hosting provider to see what version of ionCube is installed. You can also view this using WHMCS by going to “Utilities” => “System” => “PHP Info” – You an find the ionCube loader version under the “Zend Engine” logo.

    Please note that all modules require ionCube loader v10.1.x or higher to run.

    The other cause is uploading files in ASCII mode instead of binary. Please make sure your file transfer client is uploading files in binary mode.

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  • Which plugin do I select for lookups in the GeoIP Order Blocking Addon module for WHMCS?

    No comments May 1st, 2014 2861

    Currently we support 3 different GeoIP lookup methods. Each method is described below, each method has different pros and cons and requirements.

    • Native – Uses the PHP GeoIP extension. Requires that you have the extension installed and fully configured
    • MaxMind – Uses the PHP Maxmind API. Nothing is required, but we recommend you keep the GeoIP.dat database up-to-date
    • GeoPlugin – Uses the remote service. Requires that you have the PHP CURL extension and is limited to 120 lookups per minute

    We recommend using the MaxMind method as it requires no PHP extensions or configuration. However you will need to keep the GeoIP.dat database in the addon’s data directory up-to-date. They usually update once a month around the beginning of each month. The MaxMind method is slightly more resource intensive in than the other 2 methods in our tests, but we find it easier as it requires nothing configured or installed with PHP. The service would be our next recommendation, however it does “slightly” slow the final checkout as it uses a remote service to do the GeoIP lookup. The native method would be our last recommendation as it requires the GeoIP extension which in our research is not commonly installed.

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  • GeoIP Order Blocking Addon Module changelog & release details

    No comments May 1st, 2014 2855

    Version 2.0.0 – Released 10.10.2017

    Complete rewrite for better performance with modern PHP releases
    Added Free GeoIP lookup service
    Removed the legacy GeoIP.dat lookup system
    Moved the Maxmind database and libraries to the vendor directory
    Lookup Admin addon output will now indicate if an IP address would be blocked or whitelisted

    Continue reading “GeoIP Order Blocking Addon Module changelog & release details” »

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  • What are the licensing terms for the GeoIP Order Blocking addon module for WHMCS?

    No comments May 1st, 2014 2691

    This product is licensed as a one-time purchase. No monthly or annual fees apply to this product. The license is valid for use on one WHMCS installation only. If you move your WHMCS installation to a new IP address, change the path of the WHMCS installation or change the domain name that your WHMCS installation is running under your license will need to be re-issued so that it may activate under the new location.

    If you have any questions about the licensing of this product, please contact our sales team!

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  • What are the requirements for the GeoIP Order Blocking addon module?

    No comments May 1st, 2014 2918

    The requirements are listed below. The module may work under different conditions, but has only been tested by our developers in these scenarios. This article assumes that your system, server and PHP installation meets the requirements of WHMCS itself. Their requirements can be found here

    System Requirements

    • Clear understanding of using WHMCS as well as uploading, installing and configuring addons and gateways
    • PHP 5.6 or higher
    • WHMCS 7.x (we do not support alpha, beta or release candidate builds)
    • OpenSSL (or any SSL library) w/ TLS 1.1+ support
    • Ioncube loader v10.1.x or higher

    PHP Extension Requirements

    • cURL w/ TLS 1.1+ support
    • geoip (optional)

    Lookup Plugin(s) Requirements

    • Geoplugin lookups requires cURL support
    • Freegeoip lookups requires cURL support
    • Maxmind lookups require you to maintain the database

    Requirements Test Script

    We offer a PHP script that will quickly and easily check your PHP and WHMCS installation for any missing requirements, the tool can be downloaded here –

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