Push Alertify Pushover.Net Open Client

icon_header_email Push Alertify Pushover.Net Open Client

The Pushover Client for Windows will allow you to receive Pushover.Net notifications without the need of keeping a browser running and open in the background. The Pushover Client will run silently in the Windows tray area and provide popup / alerts for new Pushover push notifications. Store an infinite number of messages and applications within the client for later review or just to keep for future reference.

The Pushover Client is also very light on resources maintaining a single TCP based connection to the Pushover.Net services, does not require any special database software and works with Windows Vista and higher, both x86 and x64 releases are available.


Below are screenshots for the Pushover Client for Windows. This will give you an idea of how the application works and what the UI.


  • Subscribe to Pushover.Net’s WSS services to receive push notifications to your Windows-based PC
  • No browser is required, the application runs quietly in the tray area waiting to receive messages
  • The client will store all applications and messages received for later review / retrieval
  • Delete individual applications and messages
  • View full message information including the icon, title, time, URL and more
  • Lightweight on resources

Great! How much?

The price of the module is a one time fee of $25 ([currency_convert value=”25.00″ currency=”bitcoin”]). The annual maintenance fee is $15 ([currency_convert value=”15.00″ currency=”bitcoin”]).