DNS Hosting

DNS Hosting

For nearly a decade ASPnix has been hosting thousands of domain zones on its DNS servers reliably without interruptions. Many customers require DNS hosting for their virtual servers, dedicated servers and 3rd party solutions, but without need for any disk space, web or ftp services that is offered by a classic shared hosting plan. We have created this simple DNS host plan to be able to work with our robust Dynamic DNS service.

Domain Name Service (DNS) Hosting

Hosted DNS is very simple. Signup for as many domains (zones) as you want and host an unlimited amount of records. Our pricing structure is simple! $1 per domain (zone) per month or $10 per domain (zone) per year! Simple as that!

DNS record types

Support for multiple DNS record types including A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, SPF, and SRV. We also support adding of any other record types through support ticket requests.

Why use Dynamic DNS Services by ASPnix?

  • ASPnix DNS servers support just about all ICANN approved top-level domains
  • Full control of your domain name zones 24/7 via convenient Control Panel
  • Use ASPnix DNS Host to redirect your domain to a website hosted out of home or a small-business office
  • 3 fully redundant DNS services. 2 in the USA and 1 more in Europe (Germany)
  • DNS services powered by Simple DNS


With all of these benefits, there is no reason not to go with ASPnix for your DNS Hosting needs. Get all the aspects that you need and skip the ones you don’t! Call today to simplify your hosting plan today.